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  1. So with all new stuff implemented, the performance got even better! (compared to the flat "all active gauge surface FE panel) Still need to bring the 3D switches alive and connect them to their appropriate variables and functionality. However, performancewise that will have no impact Day, Dusk/Dawn and Night
  2. Well, the problem is that the A300 doesnt have integral lights on the FE panel like the newer Airbuses do. So the lettering itself is not lit. Therefore - no floods, no lights?! or do it get something wrong here? of course, I could make a darker version also... if the demand for it is there.
  3. The visuals are done for now, still working on the functionality hope you like it... since this was the part most critizied on the previous versions click on image for full size version
  4. Hey there, Thanks a lot for you comments. We are very glad that you like the plane it's very well appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Also mit FSUIPC hat das nichts zu tun... da die restlichen Texuren korrekt angezeigt werden, MUSS es mit der Livery oder dem Pfad zu tun haben. Verwendest du eine der Liveries, die im Package dabei waren? Da sollte eigentlich alles stimmen... das ist auch alles 100% DX10 kompatibel. Wenn du eine third party livery runtergeladen hast und die verwendest, kann ich keine Garantie geben, dass das auch funktioniert. Da könnte es dann sein, dass das Format nicht stimmt... daher war die Frage, welche Livery du verwendest sehr wichtig Check im Verzeichnis des Flugzeugs (unter SimObjects\Airplanes\Simcheck A300 usw. ob die Ordnernamen (texture.dhlnew) z.b. mit den Pfaden in der aircraft.cfg für die jeweile livery zusammenpassen. Da müsste dann für die DHL new z.b. stehen: texture=dhlnew... also der Name des Ordners, in dem die Livery Texturen sind - ohne den texture. Vorsatz. Im Livery Ordner sollten dann folgende Dateien zu finden sein: A300_fuselage_3.dds A300_fuselage_4096_1.dds A300_fuselage_4096_1_l.dds A300_fuselage_4096_2.dds A300_fuselage_4096_2_l.dds engine1.dds engine1_l.dds engine2.dds engine2_l.dds texture.cfg thumbnail.jpg Wenn die drin sind sollte eigentlich alles passen. Check das mal... es muss auf jeden Fall mit der Livery zu tun haben und nichts anderes
  6. Welche Livery benutzt du? DX9 oder DX10? Ist der Rumpf schwarz oder wie äußert sich das? Wie meinst du gläsern?? Engines, Fahrwerk und Wings sind aber normal texturiert sichtbar? Scheint so als ob er ein Problem mit dem Pfad für das jeweilige Livery Textureset hat... ist das bei einer Livery so oder nur bei einer bestimmten? Die V 1.20 ist ein komplett neuer Installer. Falls du den Flieger via Download gekauft hast, sollte das bereits die 1.20 sein. Ebenso ist die Boxed version meines Wissens ebenso bereits die 1.20. Einen Download Link gibt es nicht, weil das das komplette Package ist, also kein seperates Update. Deshalb steht der Link nur Download Kunden zur Verfügung - und bei der Boxed ist das ja wie gesagt glaub ich eh schon die 1.20. Gruß Oli btw: dies ist eigentlich das Englischsprachige Forum. Ein deutsches für den A300 gibts hier auch irgendwo
  7. Its the same XML format that FSX writes when you create a flightplan
  8. no, the wingview will still be in there. It just deactivates the VC model. The wingviews have their origin in the exterior model. For the default GPS thing you need to ask Björn, but personally, I think you should rather learn to operate the INS - or fly with manual heading selection with radar navigation for example. But learning how to operate the system is the whole point of the simulation if everything is simplified, you could also go with the default MSFS aircraft, but thats no challenge everybody wants it to get as real as possible - and there is no "default gps" in the AP of the real aircraft just my personal opinion
  9. well, we already include a fairly large number of liveries in the package. If you feel disappointed, why don't you download the paintkit and do some paints? its up to the users to do additional paints and release them
  10. you cannot use texture sets that are made for other aircraft models with our A300 - even if its an A300 too, but it doesnt make a difference Only texture sets that are made with our paintkit will work with the aircraft...
  11. If you dont wanna use the VC to save fps, simply open the model.cfg in a text editor. Its located either in the aircraft's model folder - also look for the pax model folder. There, just delete the second line that defines the filename of the VC mdl... then it should be gone.
  12. Ahhh thats what you mean yeah at wet and icy conditions, the aircraft will cause water and ice blown off the ground... but for some strange reason (probably an FSX bug as I had this issue on default aircraft as well) the effect remains there when you get airborne...
  13. Well, yes, the lights on the FE panel dont look pretty or realistic (this issue has been explained before - because of having a better performance of nice visuals) - but unusable??? They should be let 1:1 like the 2D panel... so completely bright at night. Like I said, its not realistic but it should be usable at all times of the day and clearly readable. So what do you mean by you can't look out of the windows? In fact, the panel and cockpit lights don't have anything to do with looking out of the windows - AND its just the FE panel lights that are not realistic... visually at least.
  14. Well, the wheels rotation use the standard FSX variable. In fact they should turn... they always spinned on my system maybe you have the parking brake set?? FSX lets you push back with the parking brake set, it will make no difference. But the wheels on the main landing gear will stand still. So this might be the issue there
  15. ok Björn posted the relinked banners here -> http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=32737 enjoy
  16. There you go! Banners done... hope you like em! EDIT: banners beeing relinked as the moment - we will provide the new links shortly... Feel free to use them on any forum! To implement them in your signature, simply add an image with the appropriate image path. Have fun! Oli
  17. hehe but very nice video! you seem to take it very serious here... makes us developers happy to see people to use the addon with such an enthusiasm and that the work on system depth and flight dynamics pays off and people make use of it!
  18. Nice!! But FCOM means Flight Crew Operating Manual just for info... happy flying! Oli edit: ahh just saw you said it correct on the second time... hehe nice vid and thanks for your effort!
  19. Well if you dont see any digital style digits lettering on the INS... then you need it like those numbers on a digital watch
  20. yes we are fixing a number of issues here... but more from Björn when its time
  21. I will create some official ones as soon as I get to it right now I am pretty busy with getting the SP1 model changes done
  22. Well, we will release a paintkit soon, so you guys can do any paint you like
  23. I doubt this would work without a special driver... because the AP is different from the standard boeing mcps... also different than the newer a320+ FCUS... hm
  24. Hey there, Well, in fact only the B1 Prototype was painted in these colours. The B4-200 you see on the last pic is a repaint to imitate the look of the old B1 But it sounds like a good idea... will think about it! "F-WUAB (cn 238) A300B1 prototype taken in 1973?! No! just an A300B4 ex Sempati Air (PK-JIB) repainted on 1st Airbus c/s as A300-B1 s/n 001 was at this time"
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