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  1. Good Morning, I am using Prepar3dv4.5... I have been trying on different airports which I believe like you has got nothing to do with the enigma! I am using Active Sky, ORBX Base Pack, Add Ons that I have been using all along. The date is the default System time... Tried again this morning and as it was early, the default was Dawn and the post pushback checklist "Taxi " did not come on and by changing the time to "Day", it came on straight away. Seems to me that there is a glitch depending on Time of day... Thank you anyway for your input. Best Regards,
  2. Morning, I have tried what you suggested and it seems that you were right about Time of Day... I started with default system time which was dawn and the checklist post pushback did not kick in. I changed the time to "Day", and the checklist started straight away. To answer your question, I did not interfere with the lights in any way and left the checklist do its job. It is an irregularity with the time of day that could be annoying upon using the system time default. It works fine in any situation on the A318/319/320/321 professional but a bug is on the A3
  3. I am baffled... Starting manually the checklist, reinstalling, using long taxis to see if it kicks in... nothing. I have downloaded the latest update and it still gets stuck and doesn't start even above 10knts. This morning it started by itself at 36000 ft after 1 hour flight. Any suggestions? Many thanks... Here's a video of what I am talking about... https://youtu.be/2_RZpezl-IU
  4. HI all, The issue above happens to me also only on the A330. It kicks in after a very long time or not and if it doesn't it halts the other subsequent check lists further in the flight. Reinstallation did not do anything and this has started happening since the last update. Thank you for your advice as to how to fix this annoying matter.
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