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  1. Hi William, I can absolutely relate to what you are saying. My hardware is quite similar to you (only have my i7-950 running at 4.3 and I have a GTX580) and precisely at the point you mention I get a drop in FPS. It feels like there is a building or something that causes this sudden decrease but I haven't been able to figure out what it is. It it just bugging me where sceneries like LPPT run very smooth while they are larger and assumingly more complex. I see the same issue with some other Aerosoft sceneries. Though I agree with Shaun that when everything is running ok, don't worry and just fly This has worked for me, at one point I was obsessed with framerates and was more busy optimizing this than I was actually flying and having fun!
  2. Anyone else having performance issues with this scenery? For me, performance is even worse than at EHAM :s.
  3. Have you also set your throttle in the default FSX controls? It MUST also be configured there, also if you use FSUIPC.
  4. Hm with such a system (I take it that you have 6GB memory and a 1GB graphics card) it seems rather odd to me that your framerate is so low while running the Airbus X with default scenery.. I also have i7 processor, 6GB of memory and a 1GB graphics card and my framerate is waaaaaay higher, running at almost max settings.. I guess that something may be wrong with your FSX install
  5. Hm yea that was actually what I was referring to in the other topic I started on this issue; in the PMDG MD-11 I can set it on the level of FPS I want.. But maybe it has something to do with the fact that all has been programmed in XML or something and that PMDG does it in another way.. EDIT: I did not see this on the upper ECAM; if I set the throttles to FLEX from IDLE, this increase is depicted very smoothly by the upper ecam!
  6. haha yes I understand that! But the thing is that I can now run my FSX at like 60FPS or something with ease, while I lock them at 30; so I would not mind losing a few over it .. Would be nice to be able to have the option to choose your desired refresh rate that suits your system!
  7. Hi all, First of all, I'd like to say that my first impression with the aircraft is great! Congratulations with this great product. The extremely detailed visuals are awesome and the best is that I see no impact on my framerate at all in comparison with the default Airbus! Just did a short takeoff, and I will try a first flight later tonight. Although the sim is very fluent using this add-on, there is one little thing that is bugging me a bit; it seems as if the gauge refresh rate has been set at 15 FPS are something, while I am flying at a rate of 30FPS+. Therefore, the ND and PFD look a bit jerky on takeoff when the speedtape is moving quickly and when taking a turn while in the air. Would there be a way to increase the refresh rate of these displays?
  8. Nice comments, I am downloading mine right now (H) If I recall correctly, you downloaded and printed the Dutch translation of the manual right? Since I had nobody check the manual for major mistakes and you seem to go through it rather thorough , if you wish you may always let me know by pm or sth if you find something in the translated manuals that is really messed up; so that I can make adjustments if necessary.
  9. If you find any major errors, please let me know by means of PM so that I can make adjustments if necessary! Ben er vrij snel doorheen gegaan, dus altijd mogelijk dat er foutjes zijn ingeslopen
  10. +1! I am so used to AES, that I often don't even want to fly to an airport without AES support
  11. Hmm is it just me or has the Airbus X dedicated forum been brought offline?
  12. That's weird! Nice A300 cockpit shot they show btw
  13. No problem! It is odd though that you don't see any influence on your framerate! For me it was a huge difference, although we both have rather similar setups (I have i7 920 @ 3.82 GHz, GTX285)! Do you have UTX Europe installed? Maybe that's the difference, because I do have that add-on installed!
  14. Please have a look at the manual. The creater of this scenery decided to add an exlude that would remove all the autogen objects in the Rotterdam harbor area, since these highly impact the framerate. See the following quote from the manual FAQ: "Q: Without Rotterdam there where many, many containers, cranes and tanks in the harbour area. Now all of them are gone. Why? A: Those default objects have an unlimited visibility, meaning MS programmed them in a way that makes them VERY hard on frames. With a complex airport scenery next to a city performance is very important. Additionally to that users of “Ultimate Terrain Europe” may have experienced that this scenery adds so-called “landclasses” with uncountable generic containers in the harbour area that make this area almost not flyable on slower systems. That’s the reason why we have excluded those objects. If you prefer to get them back or just want to see if your system can deal with it, just deactivate the following file (be renaming its extension from BGL to OFF for example): FSX\Aerosoft\Dutch Airports – Rotterdam\Scenery\EHRD_DefaultExcludes.BGL"
  15. Ehh I believe the answer has already been found .. What about the hal9000 though?
  16. Thanks Bob, good to hear that the Airbus will have this ability! It will save a lot of time!
  17. Sorry if this has been asked before (I could not find it though), but what about the ability to import flightplans into the FMC? I have just noted on the first page that airways will not be supported, so putting the flightplan into the FMC for online flying may become quite a burden for longer journeys now that we need to fill out each waypoint separately. Other payware aircraft have the ability to import flightplans created by FSBuild or VRoute for example. Will this be available for this great looking bus as well?
  18. I guess so because this morning I could still watch it but not anymore! So I think I was one of the very lucky guys that has seen it, the Airbus looked mighty awesome
  19. Update: I posted a question regarding this issue on the UTX forums yesterday, but there it is argued that it has to do with FSX static objects/autogen objects and that the only ways they can be removed include: reducing autogen density slider, reducing scenery complexity slider, or use an exclude like in the Rotterdam scenery Update on update: I just tried to remove the containers by removing all of its entries from the default.xml autogen file and so far I have not been able to spot one
  20. Thanks Mathijs! I have his email address, but I thought it would be interesting to put the question here so that other people can benefit from the answer aswell
  21. Hi all! In the Rotterdam X scenery, the developer has used an exclusion for certain autogen objects in the Rotterdam harbor (e.g, cranes and containers). This has greatly enhanced performance for the whole area there. The problem is though that these autogen objects appear at many more locations throughout Europe (using UTX), where they still do hamper performance (for example, Amsterdam). Therefore I was wondering whether anyone could tell me how I can exclude these objects from basically all over the world; the performance gain is definately worth it leaving these out! Thanks in advance!
  22. I think so too: are you perhaps using the popular freeware AFCAD for EHAM by Jim Vile (downloaded from AVSIM)? My taxisigns and service vehicles were all over the place since this AFCAD for EHAM also includes one for EHRD (and also other Dutch airports). Using Airport Design Editor you can delete the EHRD part in this AFCAD so that it won't interfere with the Rotterdam X scenery.
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