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  1. I'm wondering where I can get support on my account (i.e. not related to any specific product). I ask because I'm having to create a new password every time I log in. After I log out that password ceases to work. I use a password manager so it's not me mis-typing. Hope you can help.
  2. Sorry for the double post but I wanted to report panic over, it wasn't my card. I'm such a newb with Aerofly that I didn't know about deleting main.mcf, so problem solved. Switzerland here I come.
  3. I've had Aerofly FS2 for a few weeks now and it's running really well on my system which includes a Radeon RX Vega 64 with 8Gb of video RAM. VR performance is excellent. Lately however I added some scenery (LOWI) which won't load and crashes Aerofly FS2, with lots of graphics corruption. I am of course pursuing that as an issue with the scenery authors (Orbx). My question here is whether there are any known issues with Radeon cards and the add on scenery marketed by Aerosoft as I would very much like to add Switzerland and NE USA and would hate to buy and hit the same problem again. I skimmed through the forum and couldn't see anything relevant but I'm playing safe. I have a number of other flightsims and they all perform very well with this card in and out of VR so hopefully this is an isolated problem. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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