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  1. during the shot of the photo, the aircraft eronely left alone in TOGA "I probably crushed the F4 key to take the picture". Already I read a lot of times the manual and I know very well the airbus a320 because as I said before I use it since 2014, if then the product of aerosoft has problems is not my fault! Because with the old version I never had this problem. However after the takeoff I always set the throttle in the "CL" position and the copilot starts the checklist, immediately after the problem that I showed you and that I have not yet solved.
  2. Hi, I have a problem with my Airbus a320 professional. I state that from the old airbus A319 package coming out in 2014. In short, I imposed the cruising altitude in the on-board computer as I did in the old version. Only with the use of checklists when I arrive at the set altitude tells me "climb to cruise altitude". By any chance can someone tell me how to solve? By chance do I have to set something on the onboard pc?
  3. OK thanks. I solved with the doors. I had not entered the parking brake. However, while I was flying to test the doors, I noticed that while setting in the mcdu the altidutine, arrived at the set altitude tells me "climb to altitude" even if there are already and does not make me go ahead with the checklist. I state that I come from the package of the a320 of 2014, in fact in the 2014 package set the altitude in the on-board computer and I had no problems with the co-pilot. How can I solve? By chance do I have to set something more?
  4. No. I do not use GSX or similar. My version is Yes in the first flight I did the doors worked. Now after completing the "cockpit prep" checklist the doors do not work anymore
  5. the problem occurs immediately after completing the "cockpit preparation checklist" as I do to solve
  6. Good evening, how come I can not close the doors ?? I state that I have completed the cargo load and the passenger load. I have prepar3d v4.3. And my Airbus is updated to the latest version.
  7. Ok I managed to solve the problem. Updating my prepar 3d and using the AS UPDATER program. Thank you all for the support, very kind.
  8. I reinstalled p3d v4 and I used the AS UPDATER program but still the same problem ...
  9. Nobody knows how to solve the problem?
  10. I used the AS updater program and I brought the product to the latest version but I still have the same problem
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