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  1. hello, About radio setting of aerosoft A320X Professional, Numbers after the decimal point cannot be set to ××× .620. It will always be xxx.600 or 625. How do I set it to ××× .620? Best regards
  2. It has been over a year since then, isn't SP1 released yet? thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I asked about Airbus Professional (P3DV4 only). Do you know when the release timing of SP1 will be around? Best regards
  4. Hi, I was reading the source, but I had a misunderstanding in machine translation. Thank you for telling me the information. I wish for the release of SP1 as soon as possible. Thank you. flare
  5. Hi, I attempted to connect the CFD with reference to the manual, but I could not connect with my friend. Is CFD function currently available? If available, my operation below correct? 1.Open CFD with MCDU 2 and click the CONNECT button. (Indicated as "CONNECTED") 2.Set SESSION ID to 23 3.Execute Create Session. (But there is no response) I recognize it as follows, but is it correct? In this version of CFD, neither the port release nor the IP address setting of the router is necessary for server connection. Just to be sure, I will quote manual articles in original text. -Quote - This is another special feature almost no other add-on has. Connected Flight Deck (CFD from now on) allows you to connect your computer running the Aerosoft bus to another computer running the same aircraft. Using CFD is not complex (not as complex as flying an A318/A319/A320/A321 anyway) and following these steps should help you in getting connected. On our forum you will find a specific support forum for CFD btw. You will need a voice connection of course if you are not in the same room. You can use Skype or any other VOIP service. But for gaming we prefer TeamSpeak (http://www.teamspeak.com/). It’s free, very reliable and most online pilots already use it. A few things to keep in mind when using CFD: • Use the same weather engine if possible (otherwise make sure the weather is as similar as possible) as our weather radar will send the WX overlay from the master to the slave computer. • Stability is more important than bandwidth in the connection, but still a broadband connection is needed. • You do not need to be connected to any online flying service like IVAO or VATSIM, but it most certainly is possible. The Captain needs to connect to this service first • You do not need any of P3D standard ways of connection, as this is a fully stand-alone connection. • Vol 9 of the manuals contains a complete procedural flow of what is done by each pilot. Unless you are very experienced it is a good idea to have this on hand. CREATING A SESSION 1. On the settings MCDU you will find the Connected Flight Deck option. 2. Select the CONNECTION TYPE 3. Select CONNECTION to connect to the server. 4. Select CREATE SESSION. You will now see a SESSION ID, you need to make sure you share this with the other crew members. You will be automatically joined to this session. JOINING A SESSION 1. Open the Connect Flight Deck menu and connect (see above) 2. Select the PM role as CONNECTION TYPE 3. Insert the SESSION ID (the session creator will know that) 4. Select JOIN SESSION if you want to be able to fly or OBSERVE SESSION if you want to be an observer. OPTIONS • SYNC DISPLAYS will synchronize the ND range and mode. • SYNC ND OVERLAY will synchronize the weather overlay. Best set to on even though the SLAVE might not have the exact same weather in front. Best regards
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