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  1. Thanks Stephen. I've even uninstalled and then reinstalled PFPX and still no joy. Something is FUBAR on my end. Just have to keep looking. Thanks for your help, Bill
  2. Yes, I use the download option. Copying does not copy the file. Lets set things clear. I owned a computer business for 18 years. Now retired. Bill C
  3. Thank You!! Happy Thanksgiving (provided your in the US) Regards, Bill Carlson
  4. Srcooke and others that doubt my ability to follow directions! Yes as I stated I DID NOT use other than I stated. But thanks for answering why the extension difference.
  5. Added Boeing 787-9 TR1000-K_v1.00.per into the AircraftTypes Folder. Then, start PFPX and Aircraft I try and Add New Aircraft, from pull down, the 787-9 doesn't show up. Now I notice that in the Aircraft Types folder the aircraft that show up have txt extensions? Where does the txt file come from??
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