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  1. Airport just released and would be great to have AES support. ICAO: KSNA NAME: John-Wayne Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FS9/FSX DESIGNER: LATINVFR Link: Angelo AES 2.38
  2. Hello, I keep getting the error message shown on the jpg attached. This happens when i try to re- install it. As i'm trying to reinstall it to fix the problem. But i've deleted all registry entries and folders, but i keep getting reinstall or repair. I need to get rid of all evidence of it, then i can do a fresh full install. Please help. I'm using Vista 64, and have direct x 10. I am aware of the thread here But I am unable to install that August 2009 Version because during the install dxwebsetup.exe it says I have a later version than what Im trying to install. What do I do? Very Frustrated. Thanks for the help, Angelo Cosma
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