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  1. Thank you so much for the help!!!
  2. Thank you for the help. But i think, aerosoft should fix it by official way))
  3. Steffmann Hello, just asking to know, Does the ASC_PF_ON.wav sound have the same sound looks like on ASC_PF_ONAUTO.wav? I don`t know(
  4. Today installed for A318/319. The same, missing asc_pf_onauto.wav.
  5. My mistake. The same for mee too. A320 A321 Pro. 1 text file in v. and 484 soundfiles = 485))
  6. 484 for A320-321 and 476 for A318-319(( That is before update After update 485 soundfiles for a320-321
  7. Probably there is no asc_pf_Onauto.wav in the update v. As for me, that mistake for Airbus 318,319,320,321.
  8. Excellent working a version if you download files and install from the simmarket
  9. I tried to install with experimental version and without it. The same(( not working
  10. masterhawk says, Please post next time in the correct forum section and mention your product and simversion. Most likely you are talking about the Airbus in Prepar3d v4/v5. Please download latest full installer and reinstall. Then update. BUT It no help(((
  11. I did all of the recommendations. I reinstall Windows 10, the same trouble.
  12. Wildo, but i downloaded full installer from the simmarket, installed A319, ugdated. No resultes((
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