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  1. Last update didn`t fix a problem with low FPS. But i think, I found a reason of low FPS. It is not depends on AC ON, it`s connected with displays. So, when you push on the displays looks like on the picture, displays becomig dark. When displays are dark, FPS rises. Just try it.
  2. Hello Mathijs Kok. +2 users who has the same trouble. Guys, everyone who has the same trouble, put "+" here. Do not be indifferent. Thank you.
  3. Hello. But there are many people who has a troubles with low FPS on great computers. All the reinstallation (Windows and so on) didn`t help. And It is sad. Will wait for the next update for the CRJ.
  4. The same trouble. I cut off the engines after wjen i get FL230 and FPS got rise. I don`t know why.
    Hello guys. Is there the same for P3Dv.4? That is not compatible with V.4/ It`s not for P3Dv4
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