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  1. Thanks for your help, but I ended up reinstalling windows because I found out that the ACARS system of my virtual airlines also had issues locating my documents folder It's fully working again! :)
  2. I tried reinstalling the bus, and the folder is still not there. I don't have a recent backup of my machine.
  3. I just reinstalled it and it's still not there
  4. As the tittle says, I'm missing the Aerosoft folder which should be in my Documents folder. I got this error after following this topic on how to remove it completely My question is how do I get \User\Documents\Aerosoft\ back? (Also the name of the installer I used is ''AS_AIRBUS-A320-A321_FSX-P3DV2-P3DV3-FSXSTEAM_V131a'' ) Someone for the love of god help me
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