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  1. When I hit the toga button to enter TO TO mode the FD doesn't show a pitch increase and if I hit the speed mode after take off it goes into ALT CAP for some reason. Not an issue on the old model.
  2. If you guys can work on smoothness when following the flight plan this would be the absolute perfect airplane! Right now its really jump and the plane rolls side to side during a turn
  3. Hello, I’ve just started flying this plane and I have tons of experience with simulators and real planes and I just want to say this is a really nice plane. I’m even flying this plane more than the fslabs a320 right now. I feel like the crj from Aerosoft has been given a bad rap. The airplane does have some bugs but they are manageable. I feel like the people who are giving this plane a bad rap are just pilots that rely on total automation. However you guys have provided many tools in this airplane to give a spot on descent like the vertical bearing in the direct too page. Anyways I
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