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  1. For what it's worth, I have also, and I have not experienced this issue. I get a very slight increase in speed when transitioning from level to climb, less than 5 kts, and that only for a few seconds. Same in managed or selected mode. I am still running P3D 4.3, maybe that is the difference?
  2. Thanks - unfortunately it is not there. Neither is Reallight although that seems to be working; at least, the cockpit lights dim properly so I assume it is. I am wondering if there is a config or xml file where I need to recreate some entry to make it load properly.
  3. I have done a clean reinstall of Reallight and Trueglass (from the installers included with the Airbus) to fix my CTD issue. The airplane loads up and runs fine, and Reallilght seems to be working OK, but I am not getting any raindrops on the windshield even when on the ground in heavy rain. The rain (generated manually via ActiveSky) does appear on the weather radar. I read in another thread that there should be a menu item for Trueglass under the P3D Addons menu in-sim, but I do not have this. Maybe this is related to trueglass not working? All the DLL and shader files appear to be present and correct. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Is there a config file somewhere that I should be checking?
  4. I had a similar issue recently, which turned out to be an incompatibility between the reallight and trueglass installed by the Airbus and another add-on airplane. As a test, try renaming the reallight.dll and trueglass.dll files (in your P3D\gauges directory) to .old (or something other than .dll) so they won't be loaded, and see if that makes a difference.
  5. From what I am seeing, the "Speed Brake Still Out" message appears if the spoilers are deployed AND the thrust is above idle. If the thrust is reduced to idle, either manually or through an action of the computer, the message disappears again. This would seem to be correct, as you would be using the spoilers to slow down and/or descend as rapidly as possible, and would not want to negate the speed brakes' effect by adding power. I have seen the computer adding power in managed mode when it really should be holding at idle. This is probably related to the ongoing issue with managed descents and vertical profiles.
  6. How does one exclude specific aircraft from being used as AI in P3D?
  7. My test flights are always done with all AI traffic turned off. I do have Carenado aircraft installed but whenever I complete a flight with ANY third-party airplane I always exit completely out of P3D and restart with a clean default startup flight (in my case, the P3D stock Baron in a cold and dark state), position at the departure airport and then load the third-party airplane. On my test flights today I did not get the sudden power chop and slowdown issue, just the managed descent problem mentioned above. Still seeing excessive bank angles during small course changes, but that is another topic. The managed descent is the really critical issue, for me anyway.
  8. To clarify it a bit more - on initial descent from cruise, I'm getting that 1000fpm descent. When the airplane is a few miles from the next waypoint, it's like the system has an "oh crap" moment, realizes it won't make the speed/alt restriction, and suddenly starts descending around 2400fpm. Of course it's too little too late. I always end up having to use spoilers, which in normal real-life operations would not be necessary unless ATC caused a delay in descending. On my last flight I tried starting my descent ~15 miles before the FMS's computed TOD point. It came a lot closer to hitting the altitude at the next waypoint, but then lost it again on the next segment. This suggests to me a glitch in the VNAV program logic. My test flight was KLAX DARRK2.STOKD SERFR3 KSFO, ILS RWY 28R with EDDYY IAF. I was using the "Clear Skies" setting (all weather turned off). I have a very clean Win 10 install; I use that system only for games with no windows security or user account control enabled. All apps are run as admin, even though that shouldn't matter with UAC disabled. I'm happy to help diagnose; I'm a computer geek and programmer as well as real-life pilot.
  9. Further to the above: During managed descent from cruise, the system descends at 1000fpm whereas 2000 would be more realistic. Maybe this is an underlying cause of the VNAV issues? Is there a way to configure the default descent rate, either in the sim or buried deep in some config file?
  10. Same issue here. Just updated to yesterday and did a short flight KLAX-KSFO as a test. In cruise at FL320 the throttles went to idle and the speed dropped to where the airplane would have stalled without manual intervention. I never had this particular issue before I'm using P3D 4.3. Descent VNAV is still a joke, leaving the airplane in full managed mode still results in blowing almost every speed/alt restriction and ending up way too high and fast at the IAF. Maybe a real-life Airbus pilot can confirm this, but it seems to me that the autothrottle does not reduce power enough in the descent. Even with spoilers deployed the vertical profile is impossible in managed mode.
  11. I tried the same KONT approach and can confirm what the previous posts have said. This is an LPV approach, and the virtual glideslope is displayed in LS mode, but the autopilot just won't fly it.
  12. Check for addons that did not close when you exited P3D. On my system there are two main culprits, the Couatl Scripting Engine and Navigraph Simlink. I often have to terminate those manually from task manager.
  13. Yes, but the parking checklist had finished so she should have been asleep
  14. Arrived and parked at a gate. Set the parking brake and shut down the engines, then tried to turn off the seat belt sign. It made the click sound but the switch just jiggled momentarily and stayed ON. GSX is active but I can't imagine that would affect it. Even after GSX started deboarding, I still couldn't turn the sign off. Weird. I'm on
  15. The engine page did show "IDLE". Flight idle on my 737 and CRJ is way below 40% though, which is what made me wonder.
  16. Update - I flew the same route and this time, wherever there was an altitude range for crossing a STAR fix, I manually entered the lowest permissible altitude as a fixed restriction. The airplane flew it much better, but I still had to use spoilers when both descending and decelerating, which may well be correct. On the previous flight, it would try to cross the fix at or near the HIGHEST permissible altitude which is what got it in trouble further down the STAR. The program logic doesn't seem to be looking far enough ahead; my gut feeling is that it looks only at the next fix when it should be taking into account any speed/altitude restrictions further along.
  17. I am having the same issue, also on I usually find myself crossing a fix with a set speed/alt restriction way too fast and high, even with max spoilers. I don't know if this is an issue with the flight model or if the autopilot simply isn't reducing thrust enough. One definitely shouldn't have to fly an entire STAR with the spoilers deployed! I am on Navigraph 1812 Route was KRNO MRLET LEGGS BDEGA3 KSFO The version number seems strangely appropriate, fixing these few remaining bugs is certainly an emergency šŸ™‚ (sorry, pilot humor)
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