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  1. Hello after the FF757 to 2.4.3 the liverys are all mixed up I did a complete new install.
  2. Go to your Aerosoft account and see what version is there if it’s newer than yours then download it.
  3. I does not work at all airports. But they might be addons I have added. But still cannot complane.
  4. Well took the risk and it works on all the airports I have tried except the Aerosoft EDDF. So happy with that.
  5. Will most likely buy it, it works together with SAM2 so I will look at my SAM version to see what. I have. I will write the result here. Might take a couple of days though.
  6. Hello I am still using Windows 7 64 bit on my FS computer. Does that mean that world jetways doesn’t work on windows 7 or it just has not been tested?. I would love this program but not Willing to update to 10 until I buy my next computer.
  7. We have the same issue again it now says version 2.3.9 but when you down load it it says version 2.3.6.
  8. I have just downloaded the version 2.3.6 from the download page. After installing and re activating it tell me I have version 2.2.26. So the old version.
  9. I have tried it again this time with and without FS Global real weather the FS global gives a read out of 1007 and X life delux gives me a reading of 1006 set the Baro to 1006 X life then the ATC function is OK. So not as such a problem.
  10. Since the new update X-plane, FF320 and FF757 X-life deluxe not reconising the QNH settings so unable to depart. As I always have message Wrong QNH set xxxx etc. I am using FSGlobal real weather will look tomorrow how things are just using the X-plane weather.
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