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  1. I had a similar problem with the black screen but I installed the latest driver for my graphic card. It works OK now.
  2. You can close this thread I have found out they want you to rebuy something you already had. But I think this is a 64bit version.
  3. My FS Global real weather Version 1.7 build #047 has stoped working with X-plane 11.41. I have no updates or changed any settings. Is it because there is now an FS Global real weather for X-plane only being sold? This has also happend to a friend in Sweden too. "Flight Simulator Not Running" "The connection to your Flight simulator could not be established! Please make sure that it is running and try again!"
  4. Hello after the FF757 to 2.4.3 the liverys are all mixed up I did a complete new install.
  5. Go to your Aerosoft account and see what version is there if it’s newer than yours then download it.
  6. I does not work at all airports. But they might be addons I have added. But still cannot complane.
  7. Well took the risk and it works on all the airports I have tried except the Aerosoft EDDF. So happy with that.
  8. Will most likely buy it, it works together with SAM2 so I will look at my SAM version to see what. I have. I will write the result here. Might take a couple of days though.
  9. Hello I am still using Windows 7 64 bit on my FS computer. Does that mean that world jetways doesn’t work on windows 7 or it just has not been tested?. I would love this program but not Willing to update to 10 until I buy my next computer.
  10. We have the same issue again it now says version 2.3.9 but when you down load it it says version 2.3.6.
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