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  1. Any recommendations for which AMD Processor would be best within a budget around the £200 mark? Also this would be used for the new MFS2020
  2. Thanks for the reply, total budget is £650 for the build.
  3. Hi I’m looking for some advice before I go and build a new gaming computer for flight sim would anyone know what type of FPS I could expect from this kind of hardware using Pre3D Aerosoft airbus x plus add on scenery such as aerosoft scenery and good overall graphics at high to make a good experience. Specs as follows Intel i5 9600kf @ 3.7ghz turbo speed 4.6ghz 16GB DDR 4 GTX 1660 6GB Graphics 500GB SSD Windows 10 I know this is a low budget end computer but would like to know if it worth the time to build on such a tight budget. w
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