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  1. Hello, Is there a reduced price for the XP 10 Version owners?
  2. Version 1.2


    This a livery for the upcoming Tahiti V2 scenery Its based on the Twotter F-OHJG from Air Moorea. Actually the F-OHJG is at duty at Air Antilles Express. Take it as a look alike, it is not very accurate for the moment. Oh by the way it can also be used in the actual Tahiti X...
  3. The Duke has a good reputation and you can include the RXP GPS wich are very good, real training tools, so this could be a good choice… I love the DA42 too and would be pleased with a 4X version ! And the Porter is not a beauty queen but a great plane.
  4. Good question but i think you can forget the Twin Star ! There is a g1000 in it and it seems difficult to program accurately in FS… I own the Mindstar G1000 and it’s far from the real thing and a lot of people say its the best one so… Last year there were two 4X projects in discussion : The Eclipse C1 and a Pilatus Porter but both have vanished. Add to that the realism pool started recently in the forum and we can fear a great future for Carenado and co flying textures… By the way if you like realism you can also forget the two FSX DA42 actually proposed. And yes the Katana 4X works great in
  5. Well it looks like there is no connection between the plane and his data file. Did you check the status screen displayed when loading the Katana? And, if you did, what was the system indication? Either OK or Error... Check this.
  6. When loading the Katana you get a status screen at the top left. Check what is the system status there. If you have a red ERROR indication then it is probably FSconnect. The reset tool dont find the data file of the Katana. That could be an indication that it was not created by the instalation (should be in c: user/your name/appdata/roaming/4X_DATA). But i dont know if this is FSconnect related. Perhaps Simon can tell you ?
  7. I had the same problem. It was a broken FSconnect. I uninstalled FSX, deleted all the remaining FSconnect files, reinstalled all the circus and everything was ok ! May be…
  8. Solved! Was a FSconnect error!
  9. Hello Just like an other user who wrote his problem june 20 the katana "starts all broken"! This happens after a reinstall of FSX and now, after loading the katana shows the propeller broken, the tail elevator broken, no canopy... And in the menu in the top left corner it says System: Error in red. It used to work perfectly before reinstall. I use win XP, E8500 proc & GTX 295 GC. I tried with the reset tool, reinstalled it many times. And i cant find the 4X_DATA file any more. Somebody understand that? MfG
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