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  1. I recently just downloaded the Aerosoft A318/A319 paint kit, and I noticed it came with a British Airways A318 livery. I bought the Aerosoft A318/A319 off of Steam, so I was very excited I was finally able to fly the BA A318. However, when I downloaded the textures, I noticed a few differences with this livery and the one that comes with the A318/A319 when bought off of Aerosoft. For example, the engines on this one are white, and on the real life one they are navy blue. I also couldn't help but notice this weird red square between the L1 main entry and the front of the left wing. I was just wondering if there was a newer version of this livery, as I have seen videos of this livery on YouTube with navy engines and no red square. If someone could send me the livery or send a link for the livery that would be great! Thanks, Dudeman
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