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  1. Awesome.. Thats good to hear. Thank you. Any estimates on when that will be released ? Best regards
  2. Hello I have the Issue with the red GWCG as well. I do my boarding as follows: 1. Init Loadsheed 2. Load instant (GWCG is green !!) 3. Boarding with GSX (GWCG turns red) It also happens when i do not load instant and directly board via gsx. This is a very annoying issue. At VR, i can't properly lift the nose of the plane. About 10-15 above VR, it starts to rotate. Any idea when this will be fixed because it seems like the issue has been around for a long time. Thank you very much for your efforts on this Plane Best regards Felix
  3. Yes it is. I'm sorry. I posted it twice by accident. Feel free to delete that (second) topic.
  4. That's the answer i was looking for! Thank you. I already thought that it mimicks the tire bend. A great way to simulate that in my opinion. By asking, i just wanted to make 100% sure that everything's alright with my bus. I also noticed that some Airports are floating a little bit but that's not the busses problem and certainly is not a big issue. Best regards and have a good week Felix
  5. Hello thank you for your answer. I will look at the cfg later to doublececk. cheers
  6. Hello I am wondering if my AS Updater really worked. In the ASUpdater ist says that the Update to was succesful but in the Windows apps (Screenshot), it still says Is this normal or did something go wrong ? Text from ASUpdater: Reguläre und experimentelle Aktualisierungen werden angezeigt Prepar3D 4.x gefunden: (C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\) Produktname: Aerosoft A330 Professional for Prepar3D v4.x Add-on Pfad: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Aerosoft A330 Professional Installierte Version: Für dieses Produkt sind keine Aktualisierungen verfügbar! Screenshot from Apps: Best Regards Felix
  7. Hello I just wanted to ask if it's normal / common that the gears are slightly into the ground. Just wondering if it's normal or if there's something wrong with my plane or something else. Best Regards Felix
  8. Hello I just wanted to ask if it's normal / common that the gears are slightly into the ground. Just wondering if it's normal or if there's something wrong with my plane or something else. Best Regards Felix
  9. The fuel planner works now. Thank you for your help
  10. Or just don't install the others at all ?? Because i'm not using them at the moment.
  11. Hello Thanks for your answer. I also own the 318/319/320/321 busses but currently only have 318/319 installed. Maybe that's the reason. I will try uninstalling all busses and then reinstall only the 330. Best regards
  12. Hello, i hope everyone's doing great Version: I already own the A330 since it's release date but have not managed to fly it yet. Today, i finally get to learn the procedures and i also wanted to do a short test flight. Unfortunately i encountered some problems with the fuelplanner and didn't find a solution in the forums (Forgive me if there already is one) Here's what happened: 1) When i wanted to open, i recieved the error: "Der Index war ausserhalb des Arraybereichs" (See Fig 1) Fig 1 2) I then removed the .xml which can be seen in the background in Fig 1 and after that, the fuelplanner opened without an error. But when i selected the A333, i got another Error warning (Fig 2) Fig 2 3) I acknowleged this error bei pressing "Weiter" and it disappeared. Problem now is, that the Passenger and Cargo config stay in the 318 (or whatever apprears when the fuelplanner opens) (Fig 3). That makes it impossible to correctly load payload. Fig 3 After that, when i close the fuelplanner. The whole thing starts over. A new .xml is generated and i get the Error from 1) and i can't open the fuelplanner until i delete the .xml. Once again, im sorry if that topic is discussed somewhere. I hope someone can help me. Best regards Felix
  13. That really was the problem Thank you very much everyone
  14. I did that and it still does not find new updates
  15. Hello everyone I updated my Airbusses (via new installation) to on the 19. May I am having a similar issue right now. When i want to "fix info" or add a "pilot waypoint" it also doesn't work with VOR's with the same name. I have read, that its solved for but my AS Updater doesn't find that version and tells me that my Version ( is the newest. Is there something wrong with my updater ? Best regards
  16. Thank you very much everyone. @keenrw It seems to work like you showed, thanks for the tipp
  17. Hello. I think i get what you mean, but i am afraid, i have no idea how i should do that or what to change.. sorry Best regards
  18. Hello. Thank you very much for the response. I would also fly it manually if it's drawn correctly, that's not the point. What i am asking myself is: why is it drawn correctly with one database and wrong with another database? There has to be a reason for that. Best Regards
  19. Hello everyone I have a problem with the DEGES2W SID in LSZH (Zurich) from Runway 28. The FMS calculates a circle which is way too big and unrealistic (See the pictures of the Navigation Display and the charts). I can't say if this problem appears on other SID's. So far i have noticed it only in this case. I just updated from 1.2.3. to 1.2.4. so that didn't solve it. When i select the NavData (in the MCDU) that comes with the Airbus (AIRAC 1806), it draws the lines correctly. But when i use the actual AIRAC (1905 at the moment, which i get from navigraph), the issue is back. I hope you can help me with my issue Thanks very much in advance Felix Screenshots taken by me, chart from
  20. Weiss jemand, wie und ob diese liveries auch für die 320 professional in p3dv4 funktionieren ?
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