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  1. I know, probably not the most beloved question and I hope I didn’t miss any previous posts of yours where it has been answered before, but could you please give a short note regarding this topic as to why there are no upgrade-discounts available anymore? As far as I remembered there used to be the aim of not having the customers have to pay for the same or at least parts of the same product twice. Having bought the previous version as well as the upgrade to p3dv4 it indeed is bothering me to have to purchase this once again in full. Thanks in advance and please don’t see this post as criticism towards Aerosoft‘s pricing policy, it‘s just something I would love to understand..
  2. So will it be like the 2012-versions for the GAP, or more a complete remake (like FlyTampa did??) I would honestly prefer second, because then we wouldn't get a product with a mix of techniques out of the past 5/6 years, but with 2012er only! I'm just hoping it will have the same quality like e.g. the upcoming MA Helsinki scenery!
  3. uups sry, my bad didn't look through the previous pages... it's quite equivilant to mine, except for the oc'ed CPU and the GPU, thanks man! System Specs: ASRock Z77 Extreme4 | Intel Core i5 3570K 4x4.2GHz | Gainward GTX570 Phatom | Corsair XMS3 2x4GB RAM | Samsung 830 64GB SSD | Seagater Barracuda 1TB | ASUS VS248H FullHD | Noctua NH-D14 CPU-Cooler
  4. Thanks Kai, could you post your system specs, so we can see and guess how it could run on our's ? Greetings
  5. how is it possible then that you can make a A320? did you get the information somewhere else, or does it just need some time until airbus sells those?
  6. As many of you know, it's been a long time since Next Level Simulations shut down their forum. However, I just gave it a try looking for some news and see: regarding their facebook posts, apparently they are back on track after a long time of non-FS work. They even hope for a release this year (ok, you all know the scene: FINGERS CROSSED!) What do you think: is it ever going to happen that we will get a good A380 simulation?? However, go check out their facebook page! Greetings!
  7. Yeah on the external ... well I tested this a second time and also after touchdown the speedbrakes don't move ... maybe it just happens with my airbus. And btw ... the callout-code you posted in the other thread (http://forum.aerosof...-callouts-%3Bd/) actually works fine with your FBW!
  8. your FBW ... very very nice!! ... only one thing: I noticed the speedbrakes don't move if you're in flight. Although they reduce the speed but yeah ... they don't act. maybe you can have a look on this! But as I said ... good job! Thanks
  9. hello guys, I've just corrected my livery regarding the logo light at night. >> DOWNLOAD << 2bsc
  10. Hello,

    I downloaded your A320 Bundeswehr Repaint for The AirbusX and i really love it. But at night The Logo go to a BA Logo under The Logo-light. Maybe you can make a little update to us.


  11. I made this livery in the last week .. it's my first one I uploaded and my second one for the Airbus X. I hope you enjoy flying German politicians around the globe! >> Download << Have fun & as always: Many happy landings!! 2bsc P.S.: please post tips, tricks, or mistakes in the livery here, or send me as a PM! Thanks
  12. Version 1.1


    Many happy landings !! V1.1: - logo light fixed
  13. http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=155256&CatID=fsxacrp
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