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  1. Dear Jen Kees Blom, I've downloaded your exquisite Air Berlin livery, together with the fix for the night textures. Great work which I really enjoy a lot. However, there's a small problem with lighting in the cockpit. Please have a look at the following screenshots: AB_night_lights.jpg shows the panel condition when it's night and the panel lights are on. It shows some totally different registration. AB_day_with_lights.jpg shows how the D-ABDU is overlayed by something else when turning on the panel lights. AB_day.jpg shows the respective panel section at day conditions. All fine there, it just says D-ABDU. It would be great if you provided a fix for this to make the livery perfect Thank you bpcw001
  2. Great work! I wanted to post that livery request myself, and I'm quite happy to see that it has already been taken care of! Looks superb! When will it be available for download? Can't wait ... :-)
  3. I didn't know FBW can be turned off in the aircraft.cfg. Good hint, thanks a lot! At least, I found out how to enable the somewhat dead FO displays by replacing them with the versions for the CAPT :-)
  4. Hello all, I purchased and downloaded v1.20 of the Airbus X which appears to be the latest version according to this thread. Here, it says: NOSEDIVE ON MANUAL LANDING SOLVED Disabling AP on final no longer a problem. Now, having had none of the previous Airbus X versions and starting out with a fresh 1.20 install, I regret to have to say that this is exactly the issue I'm experiencing. I usually disconnect the AP about 1000 ft AGL on final to do the rest manually. I also tried to disengage the AP even earlier, always with the same result. The aircraft goes into a nose dive, and recovers only after a while. I can handle this, but It does not seem right. What's the trick to avoid the nosedive?
  5. Ah, stupid me. You need to be logged in to see the Airbus X liveries. That's why I never saw them. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi all, I'm a new Airbus X user. Judging from this repaint forum, quite some repaints apart from those that came with the installer package have been made. There's nothing in the Aerosoft liveries download section. Where do I find them? Thanks bpcw001
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