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  1. I personally disagree. Nothing beats the snappiness of a Desktop app. I used SimBrief a couple of times and found it quite clumsy when compared with PFPX.
  2. From what I read here it pretty much looks like it. Too bad. Good software, I am using it a lot. The amount of functions is fine. It would just need some bug fixing and a facelift to run flawlessly on the current Windows version s without the need to use some Win 7 compatibility mode. Come on!
  3. What about Athens X 1.20? Does it use SODE? To be honest, this SODE stuff has already given me more annoyances that I would like with an otherwise excellent Rome airport. This pause/unpause stuttering is unbearable .
  4. A big thanks to Holgi for providing the "clean" livery of the A319 CFM Germanwings! Just wanted to say ...
  5. That would be so great! Your liveries are excellent!
  6. Hi Holgi, any chance to see a timely release of "clean" versions of the liveries that were initially offered with the A318/A319 package and the ones being found here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/category/110-aerosoft-airbus-a318a319-liveries/?sort_order=DESC&sort_key=file_submitted&num=10&st=10 ? Thanks
  7. I'd be happy to get the existing Lufthansa and Germanwings A319 CFM liveries in their "clean" versions.
  8. Wenn EDDT zumacht, wäre es schon toll, dann zeitnah EDDB mit AES-Support zu haben. Ansonsten kann man unsere Hauptstadt ja gar nicht mehr airlinermäíg anfliegen (ja ich weiß dass es Freeware-Sceneries gibt, aber ich hätte gerne AES support ).
  9. Hat sich erledigt. Musste nochmal neu installieren, dann hat sich's eingerüttelt.
  10. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit GAP2 - 2012 EDDP (FSX): Hier befinden sich nette kleine Häuschen auf den Aprons und Taxiways südlich der 08R/26L. Ich hatte die Vorgängerversion komplett deinstalliert und GAP2 - 2012 danach quasi frisch installiert. Hat jemand eine Idee, woran das liegen kann? Danke
  11. Hallo, habe gerade den Aerosoft Budapest Airport v2.00 für FSX erworben und wollte gerade AES 2.13 damit ausprobieren. Habe auch in der AESHelp for FSX den Airport aktiviert, allerdings steht dort v1.50 für Budapest. Und tatsächlich: auf der 2.00 Version von Budapest scheint mit AES 2.13 nix zu gehen. Auf keiner Parkposition bekomme ich AES-Services (ausser das Fenster, wo ich ein Gate für Follow-Me auswählen kann), teilweise liegen die Parkpositionen mitten in den Gebäuden! Ist das ein Problem mit meiner Installation oder kann AES 2.13 gar nicht mit Budapest 2.00 funktionieren? Auf allen anderen Airports die ich habe funktioniert AES tadellos. Danke
  12. Tested your fix a couple of times. I couldn't make FSX crash no matter what I tried, so I'd tentatively say that your new file fixes the issue. Of course this is not representative for the whole user base. May I ask what changes you made? What was the problem?
  13. Yes, I had tried this already, it didn't help. It's definitely a timing problem. Proceeding as described in my previous post, I haven't run into any crashes any more.
  14. Please find attached the FSX.CFG file in a .zip archive as requested. Version of g3d.dll in the FSX folder is 10.0.61472.0 Regards bpcw001 FSX.zip
  15. Sure. Like I said, I'm currently at work and don't have access to my FSX computer. I'll prepare an information package for you as soon as I'm home.
  16. Will do as soon as I'm home from work. Yesterday I did some more testing and found out that the situation dramatically improves if I proceed as follows: 1. Use an aircraft without intelliscene.cfg (Trike, or default C172 with intelliscene.cfg renamed) and place it at a parking pos on an AES-supported airport 2. Wait until everything is completely loaded and AES displays the yellow dialog ("aircraft not configured...") 3. With everything loaded and settled, choose any aircraft with intelliscene.cfg present 4. Observe everything working I tried this a couple of times and could not reproduce any crash. I don't want to speak too soon though. Time will tell.
  17. Good day, I'm experiencing exactly the same symptoms beckerm13 has already described in http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/46228-fsx-aes-ctd/, but I'm using AES 2.12. I also tried the resolutions proposed in the above mentioned thread, but none of those are any good for my system. I've seen two types of errors: usually it's in g3d.dll, but I also get "6025 pure virtual function call" errors. The crashes appear sporadically, so as if this was some kind of timing or race-condition problem. It works sometimes, but mostly it doesn't. In case AES and the aircraft manage to load fine, then everything just works smoothly and stable as it should. I know it's one of those errors that make developers cringe, but if you've got any more input on this and hints what I could try, please let me know. Thanks System: Windows 7 64 bit, 12GB RAM, Intel i7 990X, Geforce GTX460 2GB, FSX SP2 installed in C:\FS\FSX, AES 2.12, UAC off, FSX running as admin, AES help running as admin
  18. I'm using TrackIR too and do all my flying exclusively in VC mode. It took time to get used to it, but it works very well and once it works the immersion is awesome. I could think of only two reasons where I'd want to use 2D panels: 1. suboptimally designed, hard-to-hit-them-right clickspots in the VC or functionality not modeled in the VC at all (this should not happen, but some addon devs still do it) 2. using external hardware and home-built cockpits VC/TrackIR is the way to go!
  19. Since we're not going to see a decent FBW implementation anytime soon, why not do a quick fix and allow for the spoilers to work even if FBW is turned off? I usually turn off the FACs and ELACs but leave the SECs on because otherwise I'll lose the spoilers. However, I had to find out that even with only this residual FBW functionality on and AP turned off, the airplane will still handle like a hog when the aircraft comes near to flaring. It seems that there was some "nose-up" behavior implemented for those people who are doing autolands and were complaining about hard landings/crashes, and that behavior also messes up the manual flight behavior. The Airbus X is a really nice bird, very good looking, with one of the best airliner virtual cockpits for FSX I've come across. Congrats to the aerosoft artwork people! However, the systems simulation (FBW, MCDU/FMS) still needs quite some work. Eagerly awaiting the "advanced" version of the Airbus X ... Keep the artwork ... work on the systems simulation!
  20. Hi, I did a clean install of 1.22 and I'm facing random autopilot disconnects in flight. AP disconnects and trim goes berzerk pulling the nose high up. I did not have this problem in any previous versions of Airbus X. What gives?
  21. Problem solved Did an uninstall/reinstall of 1.22 with reboot in between. Thanks for all your suggestions.
  22. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. No, the sim is NOT paused, nor does a repeated use of the "P" key fix the problem, unless "P" in your world is supposed to do something different than just pause/unpause FSX. More ideas?
  23. Hi, after installing 1.22, I lost the scratchpad of the MCDU. The LSK keys work as expected, but on "typing" on the MCDU nothing appears in the scratchpad. The values are not there, because when trying to transfer whatever might be hidden in the scratchpad using an LSK, the corresponding position will just show "0" or blank. What could be the reason? It's a fresh install (I downloaded the full 1.22 version and de-installed the previous 1.20 version before installing)
  24. Exactly what I was trying to confirm with the posted video. Just retarding the throttles during landing should *not* trigger the master caution, hence it is something for the Aerosoft guys to look into.
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