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  1. Hello, I still have the same problem, has anyone found the solution ? Thank You
  2. Hello, I have a problem with my A320 (latest updated version). When I start my descent the "Descent Prep CL" does not start and I cannot activate it as I did before by pressing "1" The green message appears at the top of the screen and tells me "Descent Prep CL: Starts in x Miles or MCDU3: Start Checklist" I no longer know how to launch this Checklist, help me please
  3. Hello, I take off, I put my autopilot. Everything goes well when the AP1 autopilot goes off. At this moment the inclination of the plane is good, the speed too, I do not touch the joystick ... I do not understand what is happening. I have the message AUTO FLT AP OFF in red and I can not put the autopilot until my speed is stable.
  4. Hello, I am allowed to contact you for help because no answer on the forum.
    When I turn on INTEG LT it does not work. I deleted everything and reinstalled but it still does not work.
    Thank you in advance for your help
  5. Hello I have removed and reinstalled my A320 AEROSOFT, I have restored the default settings of Windows and P3D and I still have the same problem. Would you have a solution? thank you in advance
  6. I turn INTEG LT to BRT but the text lights do not light up. There are only LCD screens that light up more. I have the same problem with OVHD INTEG LT, nothing light up Merci
  7. Hello I have the same problem... No one to the solution? Thank you
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