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  1. Rebooting after the latest update fixed for me (I think a font upgrade came with it)
  2. Since upgrading to - the A3XX remote MCDU is not working (with Safari or Chrome) - I get the start page and can click on MCDU but it is not updating compared to main CDU and buttons NA - any one else seen this ? (page seems just static) (checked firewall exceptions and running it as administrator) EDIT: - sorry after checking A319/319 configurator I discovered MCDU settings reset to default with Webserver off - restarted P3d and working fine
  3. Has anyone considered if the performance (load on P3D V4) is a factor here ? (CPU, DISK, RAM, GPU etc) - could explain why many are fine and others have the issues more frequently. (wondering if the code gets behind in any of the many loops that must be running constantly measuring, updating etc) Two things to try: 1 - for anyone experiencing the problem lower your settings (graphics, world, lighting, scenery etc) and see if you experience the same. 2 - for anyone not experiencing the problem adjust all the settings way up to put a much larger load on P3D and your computer. See if any change. Report results...
  4. Here is my current Linda config on the Aerosoft A319 Pro Flaps and spoiler axes are simply assigned to P3D V4.3 Gear is assigned to an axis on the CH Throttle - (50% and up is Gear Up, 50% and dn is Gear Dn)
  5. It actually works incredibly well - I purchased the registered version of FSUIPC (required by Linda) and programmed my CH Throttle for Spoilers, Throttles with reverse thrust, engine masters ignitioninc and dec, flaps and a few other things (there are hidden buttons on the throttle at its lowest range that you can program to reverse thrust on the AS Airbus, once the CH Control Manager sw is installed) - the CH throttle quad gives you 24 buttons to assign to anything you want with that Linda Aircraft file you linked about - cheers - really impressed - Julian (thinking about one of those LEO usb boards now and small custom panels to enhance the sim)
  6. Ah yea Linda - thanks for reminding me about that (I was using GIT but it doesn't detect events or lvars when those are rotated) - I will try Linda and the A3XX Linda aircraft module instead - thanks - Julian
  7. Is there any way to use keyboard short cuts or similar to control the EFIS ND Mode and Range selectors with Hardware. (Using Go Flight Interface tool or anything else) thanks - Julian
  8. I found the settings in the guide "Vol1 in P3d.pdf" really helped - I turned off FXAA and the sharpness was immediately better. Also enabled AA and Texture Filtering as per the pic too and no hit to FPS - just a great image (also turned off HDR) Julian
  9. Is there a way to increase / decrease the desired Altitude setting faster on the mcp ? At times when scrolling I notice it will do "thousands" at a time but not sure how to select that on demand. thanks - really enjoying the plane - Julian EDIT - Solution is you can right click in the black ring around the knob to select thousands (and left click for hundreds)
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