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  1. Hello everybody I downloaded the DA20 and immediately started having issues with my elevator control. For the first 5 seconds, my elevator works fine, but then it suddenly locks in the neutral position. If I try to bring the stick forward, the virtual stick vibrates wildly. I can move the stick left/right smoothly but it absolutely will not move forward or aft to control the elevator after the initial few seconds. If I reset the flight I again have a few seconds of elevator control before it locks up. What's weirder is that if I do manage to get airborne with the faulty elevator, it has a tendency to pulse full aft elevator input every 2-3 seconds for about half a second and then return to a neutral position. This isn't portrayed in the virtual stick but I clearly see the elevator deflecting every few seconds when I'm in an outside view. I've cross-checked and reset my control mappings and made sure I wasn't running a profile on any of my controls. I'm running through Steam and none of my other aircraft have this issue. I've heard that this was an issue with previous versions of this model, but I'm running v1.04 which I've reinstalled and repaired a few times. I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to all this, I've attached my AS Version Information but please let me know what else I can provide to give insight into the issue. I'm really at a loss on what to do with this. I submitted a support ticket and it's been three days since I've heard back from service support (looking at you Tom Wellige). If you're not going to help me fix this Aerosoft then at least have the decency to refund me. UPDATE Here are a few images to illustrate the problem. The first is immediately after starting the flight and the next two are when it becomes inoperable after a few seconds. It looks like somebody smacked it with a giant sledgehammer. I don't have any failures set to be on. ASVersionInfo.txt
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