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  1. Thanks!! I have another thread started on sound initialization crash on P3D v5, if you could take a look on that, would apreciate: Thanks! Tiago
  2. Good morning, I had a reply on a thread regarding this, but at what it appears, it was deleted. I've installed my AS A330 on my P3DV5.1, and when I select it from the aicraft list and press "start flight" it gives an error about sound initialization and crashes. It does this everytime I tried to select the aircraft. Is there a way to fix this / is it a known bug? Thanks, Tiago
  3. Good evening, can't update my AS 330 for P3D v5, I get this error message: Hoping to hear from you. Best regards, Tiago
  4. Hi pasterke! I saw that post that you told me to see. I did it and IT WORKED!!! Thank you
  5. Hi! I have Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bits) as Operative System. What happens is that I don't now how to turn off UAC. Please help me find this option. Thaks.
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