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  1. OK, to answer the MCT/APR statement, that occurs when you firewall the throttles in an attempt to stay airborne because of insufficient air speed. I managed to do an emergency landing while pushing the yoke to full forward to keep the nose down and speed up, and that wasn't an easy feet. Next I've just completed 3 successful flights. The glitch in the CRJ Manager causing an in accurate loading of the aircraft was the cause to my problem. This aircraft wasn't designed to be airborne with 90,000 pounds onboard. So now I not only have to load a default aircraft before I can fly the CRJ, Push the Set Payload button in DAVE a few times to override the ice glitch, and now I have to make sure that I cover the glitch in the Manager loading the aircraft properly. Why aren't these problems being fixed and updated? I use FSXSE. Thanks for your replies. If it wasn't for the Manager loading issue being mentioned I'd have never thought about looking there. As to me setting the speed too low, I was doing that in an attempt to get the nose down to increase my airspeed, and troubleshoot the climb problem. Now that this issue with loading was resolved, I'm able to climb (with the throttle at climb detente) to set altitude, and the fuel usage is back to normal. Hours of troubleshooting all due to the Manager not working properly. Again, thanks to those that replied. Thanks JRBarrette, I know that already, as I said the settings you've seen in the screenshots is an attempt to correct the climb issue.
  2. I have tried several different speeds. The aircraft will start climb at set speed, and yes I know there's no auto throttle. I set speed at 250 below 10,000. The plane will start to climb at about 2500-3000 fpm, then will slowly reduce the climb until it gets to 300 fpm, at full throttle. I've tried several speed settings, but the bird does the same thing every time, and goes to 0 fpm (full throttle) at around 23,000 ft, and does this no matter what my throttle setting is, or speed set on the FMS. As to the spoilers, I've been flying sims for years, and I've checked every keyboard/lever/button that could cause this and there's nothing. The spoiler sets to 1/3 and I have to use the keyboard to reset it to 0. I still think this is part of a protection, since there is no input by me when this occurs. As I stated in my post, the bird is using an excessive amount of fuel. It's like dragging an anchor around behind it. Other posts talk about icing caused by the aircraft until you push the set payload in DAVE several times, I've done that, no help. That's why I posted this, because every post I've read on this problem has no solution that works for me. I'm coming on to too many hours messing around with this aircraft, and I'm about ready to dump it and move on. I was hoping that someone could help, as I like the aircraft, just getting fed up trying to fix it. I'm running FSXSE not P3d, so there may be another solution, as most of the posts I've read were addressing this issue for P3d.
  3. OK, I know this topic was already beat to death, but none of the solutions I've read are working for me. I'm running FSXSE on Windows 10. When I first purchased this bird it worked just fine, but has become unmanageable. All the symptoms others have reported are happening to me. Yes, I deleted all assignments in FSUIPC associated with this aircraft. No, there was no ICE warning on the EICAS, but I clicked on the SET Payload button in DAVE several times, no joy. I've reinstalled the aircraft fresh from the website, so I should have the bug free version, right? I've manually entered payload and fuel data directly in the MCDU. I've tried to fly the tutorial to see if I missed something, but never was able to complete the flight. In fact I haven't been able to complete any flight in the last few weeks. I bought this bird to replace my TFDI B717, because it had crash to desktop issues, which were addressed for the P3D crowd, and sneaked into an update in my simulator. I'm attaching screen shots of the last flight. I was almost 1/3 of the way to destination when the airplane became unstable and dived from 23,000 to 16,000 without me being able to control it. The stab went to full up and I had to elevator control. Also the spoilers are deploying without input, which I think is a protection function if that was modeled. I'm attaching as many screen shots as this post will allow. And a final note, this must be a drag issue because the aircraft used almost half of the fuel load in only 1/3 of the flight, I realize that climbing consumes a lot of fuel, but I think this was excessive. If you can help resolve this problem I'd appreciated it. I like playing with buttons, and programming things on airplanes, and this one is great for that!
  4. Alexandre, have you read the tutorial that came with the bus?
  5. When I program a flight plan into the MCDU, I can't change the altitude/speed on some of the way points. I will read not allowed. Some of these waypoints are very close to the arrival that there's no way I could possibly make an approach descending from 24,500 feet to 2000 feet in 10 miles. Any ideas? This is really messing up my flights. See attachment. Some of the wpts I can adjust.
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