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  1. This video sadly suffer from some brightness issues. In between editing/encoding the previous videos and this one, I had changed the way I capture the footage from the sim to improve performance and quality. It meant that the levels of this flight were off and my tele is HDR enabled so this was a real test to find the right levels, which after reviewing this video, have now been set and future videos will be fine.
  3. January 11th | 14:30 Dear Diary, Finally at cruise level now and are in the middle of the sea, heading towards India... Should arrive just in time for rice and potatoes at dinner time. The departure went quiet and had a little turbulence but nothing major. As I sit here with my pasta lunch, I wonder what Phileas ate on his long journey and how far humans have come since the days of the Wright Brothers. I think when I get home once this is over is commission a series of documentaries focusing on the history of flight. Each episode concentrating on a single plane, the history of the bird and even see them in flight. Yes. That will be interesting, I can already think of about 40 planes I can feature, starting of course with the world famous Wright Flyer.
  4. January 10th | 13:30 Dear Diary, Just rising to TOC at the moment and the people in the back seem hungry. Lunch isnt served though for another 30 minutes, the view though on the climb out was extraordinary and gorgeous as we neared the canal between Africa and Saudi Arabia. Very different types of desert it seems. It was initially cloudy as I began the climb, but that soon cleared up to a lovely blue sky to what we have now. Sadly, problem Mouth is not with me, due to his health, it seems he got too ill to travel on this leg and will hopefully be re-joining me in the future.
  5. January 11th | 09:00 Dear Diary, Today we take off towards India.. I am waiting by the plane for Problem Mouth.. We did say we would get here two hours before take off, which is at 12:05, Im so so excited to fly out as its one step closer to flying the StratoCruiser. Which is going to be a real experience flying that beautiful plane. Scheduled lift off is 12:05 and the crew should be arriving around 10:00. So Im here, might as well arrange the food and fuel/cargo to be loaded. Just need to find the Ground Crew manager. Cannot wait to lift off. Weather is nice and clear and is supposed to be clear on the departure.
  6. January 10th | 18:00 Suez to Bombay 13 days Jan 1-Jan 13 HAAB - VABB Addis Ababa Bole to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport 2085 Miles Dear Diary, Problem Mouth just came around to drop off the charts for tomorrows flight, taking the people from head office to India. Not a major fan of passengers, but as they paid for the plane, then I guess we have too. I must say, he did not look good, he said he was going back to his room to take a covid test and rest for tomorrows flight. I guess I might as well plane the next leg afterwards as we will be flying that this week, probably on Friday or Saturday. This is gonna be a long one.... I do hope I get to eat my lunch this time without it being on the floor first.
  7. January 7th | 16:00 Well that landing was dangerous and eventful. I will be asking maintanence to look at this plane and I need to refresh my skills at the yoke of this plane as the Glideslope alarm was activating a nice beat of song on final, I took over slightly earlier than needed too as I wanted to feel the plane. I landed it with a bump only to see an Air Lingus plane sat with her butt sticking out from the taxi way on to the runway! My wing most likely clipped her back end and all of it was caught on camera. So Im sure Problem Mouth will have no problem getting in touch with the airline to discuss that pilot. Other than that and besides we had Trump as the ground crew making sure we were lined up properly on the stand, a pretty standard arrival. So I will take a few days to recover and then plan for the leg to India, where we will be taking passengers again next week. I shall keep informed and may try and grab a charter plane to fly around this area as I do not know what there is in this area of the world. I did spot an Aero Commander over by the gates, so I will see how much it is to rent that for the day.
  8. January 7th | 14:00 Dear Diary, Just cleaned up the rice off my lap. I was eating lunch and suddenly the autopilot had disengaged and I had not seen it until the aircraft was in a 300ph descent and we had lost about 5,000ft. I quickly gained control once again and pulled the 737 back up to cruise level with minimal fuss. Not sure what caused that, although I may have accidently hit a button and disabled it. Either way we continued and I was able to grab some pictures of our travel. We are almost at TOD so I better had prepare for it.
  9. January 7th | 12:04 Dear Diary, Got aboard the plane and was amazed at what we saw! This was no ordinary 737, but one with a shower and conference room! OMG! British Caledonian really pulled the stops out here and gave us something to fly proudly in! We had to fly British Airways staff to India, so our first leg to Ethiopia and then onto India will be with passengers but thats okay, cuz this plane is amazing to fly! Setting up the plane was easy although we did have a crash of the EFB, which also disabled some FMC data for a short time, maintenance crew had to swap out a small part and all was fine, without the use of the EFB, which doesnt bother me as I dont use it anyways. As we lined up to the runway tho there suddenly came about 3 aircraft in to land, which became a bit a problem as the first one had to circle and go around twice! We had a very long wait on our hands before we could get off. ALthough it was totally worth it because as we are in cruise now, the views are amazing over Africa! I cannot wait to land this plane and have a few days to explore Ethiopia before we leave Africa and head to India. Im just jaw dropped with how gorgeous Africa is!
  10. January 7th | 9:30 Suez to Bombay 13 days Jan 1-Jan 13 HECA - HAAB Cairo International to Addis Ababa Bole Airport HAAB - VABB Addis Ababa Bole to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport HECA - HAAB - 1365 miles Well the past few days have been a right adventure to say the least, starting with the new year. Im just waiting for Problem Mouth at the moment outside the airport Hotel. Today is the flight down to mid Africa in the specially acquired Boeing 737 from British Caledonian! As I look back at the days leading up to today it makes me sad to think I never got to fly around the pyramids as I wanted to. New Years came and went quite low key and depressing as I miss my other half back home. I so wish I could be with them, its just this journey around the world only happens once in a blue moon and this is an opportunity not to be missed so the sacrifice now, will be worth the wait. Besides it seems its not a big deal here anyway, just another day. So I booked some time in a Grand Caravan the other day, so I could do some low flying around Cairo city and the local Giza pyramids. Alas the booked day came and I was contacted to be told it had to be cancelled, something to do with the planes engines not being air worthy. Thats the second time the engines of a plane have let me down and they say it all comes in threes! Well, todays flight is very short, three hours long down to Bole Airport. The flight should be fun as we are taking some people who work for British Airways onboard for some reason. We are due to fly at 11am, so Problem Mouth had better get here. Tomorrow we then fly to Shivaji Airport and will have about a week there before going on to Calcutta, where our Stratocruiser awaits! I cannot wait to fly that one. Hopefully we will have a few days getting to know how to fly her before the actual flight as Ive never flown one before and a Flight Engineer has not been located so far, so its all down to Problem Mouth and I. Anyways, here he comes now so Id better go. Bye
  11. December 29th | 21:00 Just had a nice meal, a very rice based Egyptian meal. I have no idea what it was called, but was very nice. I have looked into hiring a Cessna Caravan for the day and flying around Cairo to get a better look at the place. Luckily, next Thursday (two days before we leave) I will get such a chance. I cant wait. Problem Mouth came around just now to bring the next leg of our journey and for us to take a look at it. Luckily there is less planning as we have now a flight computer for navigation and he himself will be able to take over certain duties during the flight. We are flying a Boeing 738 and we have been sent a picture of it, it looks amazing! It landed yesterday for flight here and has been passed for the journey ahead. She will take us down to Ethiopia and then across to India. We fly her on to Calcutta where the famous StratoCruiser awaits us to take us to Japan. which I cant wait to happen. I have included the next leg of our journey below with the proposed flight plan, which has been approved and available for us to fly. Suez to Bombay 13 days Jan 1-Jan 13 HECA - HAAB Cairo International to Addis Ababa Bole Airport HAAB - VABB Addis Ababa Bole to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport HECA - HAAB - 1365 miles HAAB - VABB - 2085 miles So it seems, we are hitting our longest flights yet. Two very long flights on this next leg, almost do these flights back to back. Only because they all include the B738 plane. Which we have also included a photo in here to see. We will definitely take off early morning on the Friday of the 7th in order to arrive in Ethiopia where we get a few days before jetting off to India for the next flight, it will give me time to explore a bit there as well.
  12. December 29th | 18:45 Dear Diary, Landed in Cairo airport with a little wind on final. The journey to the airport was amazing, the sun did go down at the end and we had a night landing. Which I was sad to not be able to see the famous dunes, although I could go out with a Cessna Caravan to explore them in the next few days as we dont have to leave Cairo until the 7th of January. So I could book some time in with the Pyramids and dunes whilst Im here, I mean, I will be here for New Years Eve as well. The dinner service at meal time was amazing, Turkey Curry. OMG, it was amazing and well put together, although I did smeak a peek back at what the passengers were getting and realised I must have had the left over LOL Those Stewardesses sometimes enjoy ripping the piss out of the pilots. The approach was magical into Cairo, like I said, the sun had gone, but the Pyramids were all lit up and we flew right past them, WOW.. could not believe how busy it looked. I really thought Cairo was less busy than it looked from the air. I must make it a practice to fly more into Cairo at least once a year. The landing, like I said, was smooth down until about 1500ft, then suddenly the wind gusting up and I really struggled to land... It came down hard with a rating of -200 something, although the passengers were grateful, I knew for my last landing on this leg, I wanted smoother. I cant wait to see the B738 and take her to the skies.. Again, we are taking passengers aboard her to India, from mid Africa. I wonder if anyone slept on this flight? Anyway, Problem Mouth is coming over tonight to my room and we will be going over next weeks flight tonight to get it out of the way, then we have the week to ourselves. I think yes, I will book some air time to explore Cairo from above.... I will put these in the diary.
  13. December 29th | 17:00 Dear Diary. Taking off from Athens and heading out to Cairo. We had some passengers this time, heading for the Pyramids, I wonder if our route goes past the pyramids or not. The take off was a little bumpy, although it was totally worth it as the views were amazing. One day I will go back to Athens and I will definitely do some VFR flying around that area. Such amazing scenery to look at. The passengers aboard were quite happy and in a cheery mood. There is a meal service aboard and I write this mid flight so Im about to eat a nice Turkey curry with Pilau rice. I shall take a picture of it and include it in the landing pics. We are currently heading out to sea towards the African coast. I have changed our route slightly to include some coast line of Africa, I do hope we hit before the sun fully sets, its beginning to dip into the horizon line... oh, dinner is here.
  14. December 29th | 14:00 Dear Diary. WOW oh WOW was that a gorgeous flight. Just so amazing and looked so warm compared to the snowy Milan we left from. Im so glad I had a Christmas Day where I did as the snow made it feel like Christmas to me. The decent into Athens was very easy, we did a VOR approach into the runway and had to distance our self from an Aegean 178 flight coming in as well at the same time as us. Which I think we did nicely. He turned off the runway just as we hit out 1 mile final approach. The whole country looked amazing and it was a lot warmer, 15 degree compared to the 7 degrees of Milan at the time. I wonder how hot Cairo will be? Literally we have a 15:00 departure, so its literally a quick turn around and re-fuel, before getting some passengers on board and heading off again too Cairo... I know our flight plan will take us over the Sahara Desert, something Ive always wanted to see from the air, as the dunes look amazing! I cant wait, but now I have to have a quick bite to eat and get back on board the plane for take off.
  15. December 29th | 11:00 Dear Diary. The take off out of Milan was a normal ascend into heaven. Although there was a Connie somewhere in that airport who did not like to wait to hear others finish before trying to talk to the Tower. It was hard to hear the Tower sometimes because of this unprofessional person. There were gorgeous mountains all around the airport as we went up to our assigned altitude of 29,000ft. We did have a step climb up to 330ft, which I declined and instead choose to remain at 290ft. I saw little point for that climb up, we had no passengers and therefore no time constraints, we had full fuel tanks and no need to conserve as we will get more at Athens. It is mid flight at the moment and it has been a beautiful day. We are about 70 miles from out TOD and I will need to start prepping for landing. Hopefully this landing will be a nice easy one.
  16. Episode One of this event is now on You Tube... more episodes coming soon........
  17. December 26th / 20:00 WOW. Milan is such a beautiful place to spend Christmas. Problem Mouth and I exchanged gifts and had a really nice Turkey meal. But I get ahead of myself as on the 24th, we headed into the City centre. The good thing about Christmas in Milan is that there are still markets and snow. Lights everywhere and people smiling and enjoying themselves. Went to the Cathedral and saw how they lit it both inside and out. Watched beautiful couples walking around having a festive time and drank loads of hot chocolate. It was quite snowy, so much in fact, Im glad we are not flying in the next couple of days (due to the weather) and have booked our flight in for Wednesday to Athens. Problem Mouth and I will talk over the flight details Tuesday evening and take off early Wednesday. I want to arrive in Egypt during the day still and see the sand dunes and city of Cairo from the air. We must arrive before the 31st in Cairo and then its off to Bombay in the Boeing 737 from British Caledonian. Which I am very happy about flying, not only because I know how to fly it more than the BAC 1-11, but because the 737 was not in the usual line up for British Caledonian and this will be a real honour flying this specially prepared plane for this leg of the journey. Although there is a rumour that passengers will be aboard from the head office of British Airways. Today, again Problem Mouth and I walked around Milan and saw an advert to see Milan from the skies. So we decided, why not try the balloon trip and really feel like this journey should. The balloon went up and as the ground got smaller, I really felt different about aviation from a balloon. The city of Milan from the air was magical, it gave me a better view than from a fast travelling airplane. I was able to really FEEL the city rather than see it. I swore to myself, the next time I do this journey again, it will ONLY be in a balloon. Blimp or hot.
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