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  1. yeah thats trueee :/// thank Mathijs and Dave for your reply
  2. ohhhh i think i found it when i turn off atmosspheric beta it becomes stable...so must be a problme with P3D5 then when i go back and turn it on it still stable..so an long hauls maybe it becomes unstable cause of atmosspheric beta...
  3. Thanks for your reply but i dont have anything running like this in the backround. some things i found were these -Fps are stable and after some time it becomes unstable and drops with high frequency i am currently doing a testflight and fps are dropping between 18-90FPS -i also test it if it depends on taskswitch but it still appears when i am only running p3d wihtout switching beetween tasks
  4. hey guys, i am using your A330 and i have some problems on long hauls after some time (about 1-2hours) my fps drop from 40 to 18-72. but cause of that i have big stutters sometimes it stays on 20fps and it dont depend pn the enviroment (Ocean or Land). Also it happens everytime. I am using: P3D5 HF2 (locked at 40Fps via Nvidia Controll panel) A330 latest update (antivirus and Firewall Off) i installed it 3 times and still have this problem Active sky(running) Navigraph(running desktop app) MY systems: Windows 2004 i9-9900K (5ghz) RTX2080 2TB SSD i hope you can help me...i also found on A330 Facebook gourp that i am not the only one having this issue
  5. hey guys, is the new update for mk studios avaible with compability P3D5? greetings
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