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  1. Hello Folks, @flynryan692, THanks a lot for these colofull liveries Cheers.
  2. Hello Folks, First, Thanks a lot for all those liveries Anybody for these A 319 liveries without forgetting the A 318 too ? Also, found a nice website for ideas... Thanks in advance. Cheers. http://airlinersgallery.smugmug.com/Airlines-Canada/Skyservice-Airlines/ http://skiesmag.com/news/article/InoventannouncesqualifyingtransactionwithCanadaJetlines https://www.behance.net/gallery/14792597/Jetlines-Canada-Branding-Concept
  3. Hello Folks, any chance to get some repaints for the Alaskan skies, cargo version, 4 blades ? Thanks in advance. Cheers. http://www.airliners.net/photo/De-Havilland-Canada/1709673/L/&sid=406d7a67a54475edd8b7167e5d6c1a72 http://www.airliners.net/photo/De-Havilland-Canada/2263148/L/&sid=406d7a67a54475edd8b7167e5d6c1a72
  4. Hey Jim, You are a First Class People, Thanks again. Cheers
  5. Thanks a lot Jim, work perfectly. Cheers.
  6. Hello Shaun, Thanks for answering. what do you mean by "check the bitmaps " ? all these files are Bitmaps format and are the same for all the Cheyenne variants. How do you check them ? i use Dxtbmp to "see" them, don't know if i'm right but i can visualizing them and nothing is wrong. (Is that the "Reflections_T" file which is responsible for ? if yes, looking good.) Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  7. Hello Folks, Donwloaded 3 repaints, N24DD - C-GLAG and the UE1, this is not my first FS9 => FSX repaints installation but this time i have strange textures in the VC only, see pics, i have checked and compared all the files, one by one, with other repaints which working well and did't find any differencies at all ! any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  8. Hello, Have a look to the link below, they created for FSX RJBB and RJBE and soon RJFF. I have both RJBB and RJBE and i'm highly satisfied with their work, also their support is good too, in case of. Give them a try, you'll not regret. Cheers, http://www.aerosim.c...igo/page1_e.htm
  9. Hello Gentlemen, Pls, have a look on: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Air-Canada/Airbus-A320-211/1654308/L/&sid=5a1c73b205f22cfaa47e1b34ecc4b99f Cheers,
  10. Hello Gentlemen, No comment... Cheers, (nothing else than FSXA + D:Cattaneo)
  11. Hello Gents, All the available liveries will be for free or do you plan to sell different packages, eg: European, US, Asian Airlines etc... (a special livery for the Vancouver Olympic games...) maybe... Cheers,
  12. Hi Gents, Please, the Air France new colours. (For whom mentionned, unfortunately, Swissair doesn't exist anymore, now this is Swiss). Cheers,
  13. Good afternoon Gents, Looks good, Count me IN Cheers,
  14. Hi Guys, Still happy with this aircraft, but 1 question: Night flight = panel light = ON, then as the sunrise comin, the panel illumination light is going OFF by itself ?! Any possibility to "override" this effect or change a value into a CFG.xx? (i'm not talking about the Dome light, which is working independently). Thanks in advance for your repiles. Cheers,
  15. yankeeromeo


    Hi Guys, Found 6 nice N liveries. Thanks. Cheers,
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