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  1. A while back I saw a thread about the release of a Ju-52. Is this plane still in the works, and will it be released for P3D V. 4.5? I kind of like this slow beast. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  2. I don't know if this is possible to model in FSX, but Catalina has a very pronounced hump in the middle of the runway that prevents you from seeing the other end. I experienced it once when landing a C-172 at Catalina airport. Flying lore has has it that more than one pilot has had an interesting time when they were fooled into thinking that the runway ended before it really did. If you do a google search for "catalina airport" and "hump," there are several pages that refer to optical illusion. Mike Gutierrez
  3. Personally, the LAPD choppers are just downright annoying. I've lost count of the number of times that one of their helicopters have stirred me from a sound sleep in the middle of the night while they circle at low altitude looking for someone. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  4. YOU SHOULD ALL GIVE A BIG PAT ON THE BACK TO SASHA I live in Los Angeles, and I took some pictures of the LAPD heliport for help Sasha, and he did one hell of job capturing the look and feel of the area. I just cannot believe the amount of detail he was able to capture for such a complex area with a lot of intersecting roads, rail lines, and buildings. Way to go my man. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  5. Sasha: You asked about the helipad on the twin towers (jail house). The Hooper facility is operated by the Los Angeles Police Department (the city police). The twin towers are run by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (law enforcement for all of Los Angeles County). The helipads are for Sheriff Dept. helicopters. It is a common site to see Sheriff Department buses on the 101 freeway transporting prisoners between the Twin Towers and other County jail facilities outside of the City. These buses are a sight themselves. They are huge diesel buses, with police lights at the rear. You can see the bus driver isolated by cages. I image (though I don't know for sure) that some hi-risk prisoners are transported to the Twin Towers by helicopter. This is the website for the Los Angeles Sheriff Department Aero Bureau. http://www.lasdblog.org/sites/page_render.aspx?pagename=aero_main. Mike Gutierrez
  6. Looks awesome. I live in the Los Angeles area if you need pics for anything please let me know. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  7. Here are my scenery settings. Are you saying that I have to lower my Mesh Complexity and Resolution?
  8. Hi: I spent some time today converting the textures in several scenery packages to Spring, and I had a question about some texture folders. In the Anchorage scenery, there is a subfolder named "512er_textureset" in the texture folder. What is this for? Several other scenery packages had subfolders named "default." What are these used for? Thanks. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  9. The scenery looks fine, except that there are two floating buildings near the airport where the ground slopes down. I'm attaching three photos. The first two show the floating buildings and the ground sloping down. The third is an aerial view showing the location of the buildings in relation to the runway. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  10. Thank you Shaun. This seems to have worked. One thing I want to confirm, however. First, I am running Windows 7 64 bit, and the "InstallShield Installation Information" folder was under "Program Files (x86)". Since the installation worked, I assume this was the correct directory. Also, I temporarily removed all of the files in the InstallShield etc folder, and installed the Oslo scenery. When I copied all of the Installshield files back to the InstallShield folder, I got a message saying that one of the files was already in the InstallShield folder. I assume that this file was created when I reinstalled Oslo, and therefore when I was asked if I wanted to merge the two folders, I said no, and kept the original InstallShield folder in the temp folder I had created. Is this OK? I still have the original InstallShield folder in the temporary location, and I can merge the two if needed. Thanks again for your help. Mike Gutierrez
  11. Let me start by saying that I believe that this problem is of my own doing. I was fiddling around some time back with removing un-needed files on my C: drive, and I am pretty sure that I deleted the files necessary to uninstall and then reinstall Oslo. I tried flying there recently and the airport looked like many files were missing. When I tried to uninstall and reinstall it, I remembered my illadvised foray. When I try now to uninstall it, I get an error message as follows: Error Code: -5001 : 0x80070002 Error Information: >SetupNew\setup.cpp (142) PAPP: PVENDOR: PGUID: $ @Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (7601) IE Version: 9.0.8112.16421 When I tried to install Oslo, I got a message saying please remove the original version. Please let me know what info you need to confirm that I have purchased the software, and I am a licensed user. Then, if possible, can you suggest a way to fix my boneheadedness. Thanks Mike Gutierrez North Hollywood, California
  12. It is possible to replace the Garmin unit in the Katana with the Reality XP GNS 530? Thanks in advance. Mike Gutierrez
  13. I don't know if this is a problem, or a small one-off glitch, but I was surprised to see an an airport pick-up truck enter the line of planes waiting to take off at Stuttgart. I waited to see if the truck would take off, but instead I was cleared for take off and had to taxi through the truck. Pictures attached. Mike Gutierrez. North Hollywood, California.
  14. Thanks for getting back to me. Mike
  15. Hi: I purchased Barcelona when you first released it, not realizing that the initial release was for FS2004 only. Since i only have FSX on my computer, is there a rough estimate when the FSX version will be available? Thanks. Mike Gutierrez. North Hollywood, California
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