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  1. Thanks, Otto. For some reason I didn't get notifyed when you posted. I guessed it was Navigraph, but if this is how they operate, I don't think there's any point in bothering. My guess is that I'll never visit this airport ever again anyway.
  2. Hi, I just realised my version of FSC 9 is missing the SID/STAR for NWWM. I know they exists because I found them here: https://www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/aip/enligne/PDF_AIPparSSection/AIP%20PAC-N/AD/2/1113_AD-2.NWWM.pdf#page=2 But since I've not updated my SID/STAR data I'm not sure if these were published when FSC9 was released. So can anybody confirm or dismiss that NWWM SID/STAR is missing in FSC9? Morten Straus
  3. Yes, but I still think it's kinda strange that not all windows in FSC behave in the same way. The solution is not ideal, but it'll work.
  4. Kinda strange that the waypoint window and the FP window both stays on top of and inside FSC, but the "Save FP", "select SID/STAR/TRANSITION" etc all drops behind FSC.
  5. It did sit on top with FSC 8.6. But guess if you're right, I'll just have to switch on and of the FSC "always on top" then.
  6. Yes, I run FSX in window mode. When I minimize FSC the GPS window will be on top of FSX, if FSC is not set to stay on top, but as soon as I click on the FSX window, the GPS window will drop behind the FSX window.
  7. Just got FSC9, but whatever I do all windows I open in FSC will disappear behind the main window (map view). This makes it hard to select STAR/SID etc. The same happens with the GPS window, but that stays on top of all other programs/windows; except FSC. If I uncheck FSC always on top, the GPS window will not stay on top of FSX. Windows 7 64 FSUIPC 4.7b Aerosoft FSC 9 16-03-2011 FSX REX2 Regards Morten Straus
  8. Thanks, got the impression that there would not be any upgrade posibilities with FSC9. But with this discount I'll reconsider. Anyway I was told on the forum that this error in FSC8.6 was because IVAO was having problems with their servers. That doesn't seem to be the case then, and that have also been dismissed by IVAO. Regards Morten
  9. I don't see how this relates to me then, since I own the 8.6 version. But with this bad support, I can asure I'll never buy v9, having had v8.6 for only a year before the support is stopped ; as if I ever got any support before.
  10. I've now asked IVAO when they will fix this, but they don't even seem to aqnowledge any problem. IVAE works fine, and I haven't seen anyone with FSC9 have a problem, so I really think this must be a FSC problem. FSC only adds two links from the db server link, which have multiple whazzup links. Only the first wazzup link actually works of the two that FSC adds to the .ini file. And even that can't download _CTR atc data. Can we please have a fix for this now? MS Win7 64 FSX FSC8.6 Regards Morten Straus
  11. At EBBR you'll in many SIDs start up by turning northly untill 700ft or somthing, then you turn left to track some VOR course. In FSC the course is often just straight from navaid to navaid, and very often the plane even turns the wrong way comapred to the correct SID. This happens a lot now when I do the IVAO Dangerous Airport Tour. There some SIDs are designed to turn you away from obsticles, but FSC turns into them instead. I know FSC is not an FMS or whatever, but the SIDs and STARs seems to be simplified.
  12. No, I bought FSC 8.5, so only one update after that.
  13. No addons for this area at all. And this happens even before I'd mess around with custom routes. It looks to me like the 8.6upd is not applied, as this issue is verified by the FSC developers as an 8.5 issue. The same this goes with the weather download link in FSC; I need to manually edit it to make it work. This is not needed in the real FSC 8.6. Still I get other 8.6 features.
  14. Now I've formatted the entire HDD and reinstalled everything according to instructions. Still nothing changes, and I still see the BOA NDB changes to teh BOA VOR when adding it to the FP. Of course this isn't a big issue as there doesn't seem to be many places where this occurs, but since it's fixed in FSC 8.6, it's kinda annoying that it isn't in Aerosoft's FSC 8.6.
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