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  1. -Hallo, kann mir jemand sagen, wo Aerosoft die Panelstate-Dateien abspeichert? Wenn man automatisch alle paar Minuten einen Autosafe macht wird in der Regel Dateien "panelstate" erzeugt, die mit der Zeit schon erhebliche Ausmaße annehmen können, so bei PMDG und bei FSLabs - und die ich von Zeit zu Zeit löschen möchte. Ich finde jedoch nicht, wo Aerosoft diese Dateien abspeichert. Kann jemand einen Tipp geben? Vielen herzlichen Dank und schönes Wochenende!!! Bob
  2. I also have the same Problems. I´ve had to stop the managed control and put the Hand on normal Autopilot Speed - managed route heading is working - and the Altitude by selecting manuell the climb and descent rate. This happened now for two flights... Greets Bob
  3. Hi Friends, is there any Chance to get a new Voice Pack for the Pushback-Marshaller? Or is there a place to download them? Or can we replace them be our own? Oh by the wy... the download site of the liverie´s is down - when will it be on duty again? Thanks for your answer. Best wishes to all Bob
  4. Ok, so I think I´ll better take the 737 - Thanks a lot and have a nice time Greets Bob
  5. hi masterhawk, thanks for your reply. Yes I know that there´s no need to trim in the airbus - at normaly circumstances. But what if I want to fly this aircraft completely manualy? no matter if I want to do a large approach completely by hand or for example doing some turns over an event like the Harbour-Day in Hamburg where all the airbus making turns over the harbor in an altitude of 1000 feet - so I want to fly the aircraft completely by hand and that´s when I need to trim the aircarft manualy ....???? If anyone knows why I can´t do that why the aircraft is blocking the trim althought AP ist not engaged? Thanks a lot and best wishes and greets Bob
  6. Hi Folks Same with me, trim is possible with the Saitek on the ground in very big steps like 0,7-0,9er steps with each touch. With mouse everything is ok. And in flight there´s no way to trim the aircraft - trim don´t react... Greets Bob
  7. Hi ckyliu, thanks a lot for your respond - I will try that! Many thanks and have a nice evening! Greets Bob
  8. Hi Tom, thanks a lot. It solved the Problem, here it is again. I checked this in my anti-Virus Software bevor but didn´t Show me anything , but now, 15 min later I could see it. Thanks a lot, everythings okay now. Have a nice evening Greets Bob
  9. Hi, Yesterday I installed the Airbus and made the config as told in the Manual and today I wanna Change anything in that config and my config.exe is gone...?????? the Folder c:\programm files (x86)\aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\Configurator is empty! How can that be? I installed it again but it don´t Show up any more, not even if I made a complete istallation after deleting every one and even file. Where ist it??? Searching the compu did not Show anything... Greets Bob
  10. Emanuel, I tried it once again and this time the Speed and climbrate was okay... what is left is the Problem with the blocked trim... have you any idea? Greets
  11. and should I mention that at that time I didn´t use any AP or auto-throttle, flying just only by Hand with throttle and yoke
  12. Sure, let´s have a look... I use Chaseplane, FSUIPC, I have installed GSX but use it very seldom because I dont like it... I also have Active sky2016 (was disabled as that happend) and have several addon-scenery. The Airport where that happend was KPVS, the system-starting-Airport of P3D - I use it as Test-Flight-Airport. By the way: the FMC say that this airort is not in database? Maybe my filter in the config? That´s all I have in use. Thanks. Bob
  13. Hi Emanuel, negativ, I don´t own and don´t use anything from A2A. My aircrafts are PMDG 737-747, FSLabs 320/319 and your beyond the P3D System-aircraft. Greets Bob
  14. Hi Emanuel, same happend to me. Takeoff Speed was set and at about 120kn the aircraft suddenly from one moment to the other had 320kn and was climbing about 5000 pm. I did nothing just like I did more than hundreds times before...??? Next thing is, that the Airbus has no reaction to the trim. I´m using FSUIPC and Saitek yoke. so I set the trim to the toggle and programmed it in FSUIPC. everytime I´m using the trim I can see that the trim wheel wants to move, but it don´t move just like it is blocked. What can it be? Thanks a lot for your time. Greets Bob
  15. Here are the Images , I hope the ulpoad will work... Many Greets Bob
  16. Here´s the Air Bahama DC-8. The Original was a series 63 - but as we don´t have aSeries 63 i did the repaint to the Series 50. Have fun! texture.TF_FLE.zip
  17. Hi everybody, do anybody know where I can get the template for PFPX for the new Aerosoft DC-8? Thanks a lot and many greets to everybody! Bob
  18. Hallo Gerd, ganz herzlichen Dank für Dein Posting. Dann kann ich ja beruhigt ins WE gehen, habe mir schon voll die Gedanken gemacht was nun wieder sein mag. Werde mich also am Montag an den Support wenden. Schönen Sonntag! Liebe Grüße Bob
  19. Hallo allerseits, habe mir heute die PMDG MD11 für FS2004 und FSX (habe ich bzwar noch nicht, werde ich aber vielleicht irgendwann haben müssen...) gegönnt und wollte diesen Flieger nun installieren. Er zeigt mir den aerosoft Installatiosnbildschirm, rdelt kurz rum und bringt mir dann die Meldung, dass ich Emulator und das virtuelles Laufwerk deaktivieren solle. Ich hatte in meinem Leben noch nie irgendetwas mit Emulator zu tun und habe auch definitiv kein virtuelles Laufwerk. Die Installation wird nicht fortgesetzt. Was also passiert da bei mir? Der teure Flieger steht nun also auf dem Auslieferungs-Apron und trotzdem unerreichbar für mich... bin leider auch schon ziemlich angenervt darüber. Hat jemand eine Idee? Liebe Grüße Bob
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