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  1. Hello everybody! First let me introduce myself… My name is Y.Werbrouck. As a great fan of aviation / flight simulation, and as one of my hobbies, I used my graphical skills (used to follow a training Graphical Designer) to make a custom texture of a fictional Airline by my own. A preview of it can be found below this reaction… Like Tom said, posted copyright protected images aren't alowed on this forum, in this case copyright is on my behalf (do I say this correct??? 🙂) and i'm about to register the logo. Now… I'm kindly asking after Aerosoft's agreement and cooperation for uploading this texture. Because... I suppose (for as far as I noticed) none of the Virtual Airlines (online) does have his own texture. I was thinking to launch this fictional airline online... but sadly I doen't have time to manage a virtual airline. Perhaps Aerosoft would like to launch this VA while using this AS A321 Pro CFM 'vehicle' (under P3Dv4) and more AS pro bus models if I found time to adjust the textures to those models. The model, A321 CFM sharklet, I'm thinking to upload on Aerosoft's site for now, has tailnumber / registration code OO-VWA01 which stands for OO=Belgian registration; V=Virtual; WA=WAirlines; 01=serial number. This code will be updated for each final model or type (CFM/IAE/Winglet/Sharklet) … and the nationality's registration will also be modifiable on demand from people who like to fly with this Virtual Airline. That way I hope to make some other FS flyers happier. While hopefully making and giving a positive boost to Aersoft's popularity. 😉 Kindly regards & lovely greetings, Yannick Werbrouck p.s... If some people where wondering how they manage to paint gradients or photo real images on fuselages: …. Unless you enlarge the image it isn't very remarkable, but I managed to use halftone patterns as textures like it's done in real life. That is how airlines prefer using gradients or photo real images on their aircrafts / -planes. Because paintbrushing with free hand is for from easy and isn't ever the same. Halftone patterns on fuselages are made with holes in variable sizes (like printed dots) on vinyl and placed on the right spot (for each hole the ink is painted on to the fuselage / on top of an other paint color).
  2. Hello Chris, On the A330 preview thread I posted this reaction below of mine. Just to inform and not to forget, only to take into account... 😉 As I saw the preview of Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic liveries… I was wondering if it would be possible to not only have main color on to the A330's winglets, but also correct logo placement* at both side of each winglet (for other liveries done by dev. or users) like some airlines** do in real? * Not as the bad and frustrating/disappointing winglet programming of the Wilco Publishing versions (those winglet coloring were mirrored from one winglet on to the other which gave vertical flipment of the logo on to the second winglet) **i.e. of (very known) airlines: - Emirates; - Malaysia Airlines; - KLM; - Swiss; - South African; - Brussels Airlines; - Jet Airways (used to) ; - Garuda Indonesia (color sheme); - Cathay Pacific (only inner side); - Air Transat (only outer side); … Keep up the excelent huge development work!!! 😉
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