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  1. Liamr685

    Aer Lingus new colors mix up

    The VC textures are the wrong orientation in the file uploaded by the painter. Temporary fix, copy the VC textures from any other CFM a320, paste and overwrite the one in the EIN New colours folder. The reg will be wrong displayed in the cockpit, but at least the VC textures will be fine.
  2. Chaps, looking for a few paints for the bus's, which I cant seem to find. Does anyone have (already optimized for the 64bit bus), or planning on making; > WizzAir UK A320 & A321 both with SL > Monarch A320 & A321, Both with SL. > BA A320 SL > easyJet UK A320 SL > Titan Airways A320 & A321 (Both in the new livery) Cheers
  3. Liamr685

    Steep dive after initiate decent

    Update your bus to V1.2.2.1, it fixed the issue for me, with the help from Dave in a thread I posted about said issue.
  4. Liamr685

    V1.2.2.0 Descent Profile bugged.

    Bug seems to be fixed, done another test flight with no issues. Thanks again.
  5. Liamr685

    V1.2.2.0 Descent Profile bugged.

    So the main bug is fixed, but i think its introduced another, will need to do a few more test flights to make sure its not my nav data. One of the waypoints I passed on descent into EGGP, had no speed restriction, just altitude, so when passing it, with speed and altitude managed, the autothrottle just dropped to 0, had to take manual control of the speed after then, and also the descent as it no longer wanted to follow the descent profile.
  6. Liamr685

    V1.2.2.0 Descent Profile bugged.

    Managed to log in. Followed your guide step by step, AS Updater now shows them both at V1.2.2.1 (didnt show an update available prior to uninstalling though, just said was the most recent) Will test fly now.
  7. Liamr685

    V1.2.2.0 Descent Profile bugged.

    There is no experimental update on my AS Updater, its just the most recent showing for me. I would give that a try, but I cant log into aerosoft to get the latest installer, the page is down for me after i try to log in.
  8. Liamr685

    V1.2.2.0 Descent Profile bugged.

    yes my speed is usually slower at this phase, but i was pre occupied with trying to control the decent and capture the bug on video.
  9. Liamr685

    V1.2.2.0 Descent Profile bugged.

    I initiate controlled decent about 15nm before TOD, it has always followed the descent profile with no issues, up until the most recent patch.
  10. Liamr685

    V1.2.2.0 Descent Profile bugged.

    Ive been initiating descent about 15-20nm before TOD, but it doesnt help much, the bugged profile gets worse, the further you descend.
  11. Chaps, Ever since updating to the latest version of the Airbus Pro, all models don't climb or descend consistently. The magenta circle the aircraft is supposed to follow is all over the place, it'll shoot right below the current altitude, resulting in the aircraft pitching down sharply, then it will shoot up past the current altitude, causing the aircraft to pitch up, sharply. It also causes the aircraft to go into steep descents, between 4000-8000fpm to catch up with the sharp drop in the descent profile. Anyone else getting this?
  12. Liamr685

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    After a quick browse, didnt find any answers (probably didnt look hard enough) But do we know if this will include the A330-200F? either on release or an expansion? Really wanting a proper A332F for P3D