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  1. Can someone explain the forced ecam rendering setting? other than the brief description in the configurator
  2. As mentioned in this topic. Each version of C++ does different things, the newer versions do not supersede the previous. All have different functions, and all may be required to run software. These runtimes are not native to windows, they do not come as part of a windows installation, and must be installed separately, most of the time, they get installed via other software, such as addons for the sim, or other games. They trigger the install of the runtime, if the installer doesn’t find it present in the system. Having all of them may certainly help, so if you have yet to do so, get them installed, at the end of the day, what harm is it going to do? Also, I’d recommend running the .Net fix tool from Microsoft. I think a combination of installing all runtimes, running the .net fix tool, and running a system file check, could help fix the issue.
  3. On the EFB, what screen are you leaving it on? I leave it set on Charts, but I don’t have anything linked, so it stays in the default charts screen during flight. try that and see how it goes. i have an inkling one of the EFB screens causes the .dll to fail.
  4. In the second pic, your dome light looks set to bright?
  5. there’s an update to Runtime 2013 that isn’t distributed through the normal automatic updates, it has to be manually downloaded and installed, I linked it in one of my posts here.
  6. The same whilst performing an RNAV Approach
  7. Chaps, Bug/Observation. Whenever I am flying a STAR, as soon as I intercept the LOC, the Bottom of descent/top of descent icon moves away from the green line.
  8. Further Update, I still get oscillations like this with the NavDataPro cycle 2006. So the issue is common between NaviGraph and NavDataPro data cycles.
  9. **Update** So as mentioned, my NaviGraph Sub has ended, so my QW787 and PMDG 747 are both on Navi Cycle 2006, I decided to keep those with the Navi Cycle, as both their FMS's were built around NaviGraph databases. With that, I decided to buy the NavDataPro single data cycle for the Airbus, as it was built around your own database, to see if it can weed out any issues, so my Bus pro family is now on NavDataPro cycle 2006 I just flew; LOWS/15 TRAU1X TRAUN L856 KPT L608 KUNOD LIRSU DENUT L610 LAM UN57 WELIN T420 TNT DAYN2A EGCC/23R And it flew that STAR pretty accurately I am yet to try the ROSU4D arrival that I was having issues with, but I am waiting on results on a test flight by masterhawk So that is leaving me wondering, if the issue is this version of the BUS, or the Bus not liking the data provided by NaviGraph. As seen here, My altitude is on target as per the approach, However, with the NaviGraph data, I would be at 4000ft indicated, but the green dot would not show me as high, it would show me as on target.
  10. Out of curiosity, can you post some screenshots from the ND like I have, of that approach, to compare? my navigraph subscription ends with cycle 2006. I might purchase NavDataPro, but only cycle 2006, as I plan via Simbrief, which I have currently have cycle 2006 unlocked on. if NavDataPro proves more accurate, I’ll just remove the navigraph cycle and replace with NavDataPro, and continue to plan with simbrief on cycle 2006.
  11. With the default NavDataPro cycle that comes with the Bus pro, I never experienced this issue, Regardless of airport, STAR or approach, It always intercepted the GS. So I'm not sure if its a NaviGraph issue, or an issue with the Bus in the recent update, but either way, its happened on more than one occasion that the bus never meets the target alt at the final waypoint before intercepting the GS. TELTU1L Approaches into RWY 26 at EGGW does the same. My QW787 and PMDG 747 dont seem to have issues.
  12. The latest flight for this to happen on was ESGG 03 DETN2M DETNA N866 AMRAM L983 CUTEL UP16 NATEB P18 TILNI ROSU4D 23R EGCC I let the aircraft fly the STAR as it comes up in the FMC, I change the altitude in the MCP to match the altitude constraints of the next waypoint along. When I set the final approach altitude, the Bus is always 300+ft above what I have set in the MCP. (But the green dot doesn't show I am higher than the vertical/descent profile) Could this be a compatibility issue between the Bus being developed with the NavDataPro data cycle, and using NaviGraph data cycles? As when I flew the bus on your default NavDataPro cycle that came with it, I never had such issues. I've only recently started to update the nav databases in my addons.
  13. The final altitude shown before intercepting. If it tells me i need to be at 3500ft, ill set 3500ft. However, if i leave it in managed mode, I don't get the double arrows the show me where I will level off then start descending again with the GS, if i take it out of managed mode, and manually descend to 3500ft It will show me the double arrows where I will level off, then instantly start descending again with the GS. This is only apparent when using the Bus with the Navigraph data cycles. if i use your Default data that ships with the bus, all is fine.
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