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  1. Well, My settings are as of today. Keep in mind, it be different for each. I have different profiles set, got this for all double GA aircrafts. Throttle Joystick
  2. Has anyone able to get a good settings with the Airbus TCA pack/thruster? I'm able to get something done real fast and happy with the resuilts Plus reverse thrust works. But it's not 100% perfect as of yet for me. I find that my rudders turn to fast and makes the aircraft tip over while taxing XD
  3. Here is it same as Mine?? Works if you have NavDatapro checked
  4. after the update nicely done Only issue that I have seen so far when using the A320 now that it users far more Vram. Before 3gb Vram to 4gb to 4.5gb Vram
  5. We all having the same error, and so fly in the day rather then the night I say Why can't we run the .exe to install RealLight and TrueGlass. Keep on clicking it and will not run ARHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. I have download and install And so using the 9older option. Is there away to get the new option working, I'm so lost right now since there are two topics and whatnot
  7. I downloaded two Air New Zealand repaints and both didn't show up in the Aircraft selection aircraft. But when I edited the lines under aircraft.cfg it then show up.. However there was no thumbnail image for each of them. Once I loaded it up the textures aren't loading inside the cockpit, it's fully black inside and mid-section is white.
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