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  1. Same issue here and to be honest, I'll be happy if the developer care to even fix this server issue judging by how both of their softwares got abandoned. Hopefully Aerosoft can "put some pressure" to get at least the server issue fixed. regards
  2. Hi there Patrick, thank you so much for the detailed explanation. I wasn't aware that the developer left FSDG for FlyTampa, that explains it, still.... it really sucks Well hopefully something can be worked out with Aerosoft, it was a great scenery in their library. Thank you so much again. enjoy your week, Igor
  3. Hello, I'm just wondering, what happened to Aerosoft - Thessaloniki X V2? I went to purchase today at SimMarket but I cannot find it either there or here, I'm positive that I saw it still available a week ago. I know that older scenery goes "out of print" and get removed but from what I remember Thessaloniki wasn't that old and was even compatible with P3D. Have I lost the opportunity to buy it for good? I sure hope that's not the case, it's an amazing scenery and unless there's some technical issue I don't understand why it would be taken out of the stores. Stay safe regards, Igor
  4. Hi Shaun, thanks. I'm gonna try. best regards, Igor
  5. Hello, I've been trying to order the Box/CD Version of U.S.Airports (FS2004) but every time that I select Canada as country the Payment Option is blank, I mean, there's no option of payments. Is there a problem at Aerosoft US store or you guys are currently not accepting Canadian orders? regards, Igor
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