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  1. Yes yes I know hehehe I don´t know why I wrote ASCA
  2. I´ve done all of this so I will try your ASCA profile and reduce REX settings. I will inform you tomorrow Thank you so much Dave!
  3. So if I can make that clouds don´t cause that drop it will be fixed, right?
  4. That´s the point. One thing is flying an aircraft with low fps and other is that your aircraft start doing a shaking dance because it´s designed to operate with a determinate fps. And as Volker1962 said, previous versions were working well.
  5. It never drop under 20. It costed me a lot to run the simulator always in a range from 20 to 28 fps.... All aircrafts are flyable even with low fps, never got a problem with any of the most famous developer even with my old pc, except theese -.-
  6. I had a mean of 24 fps in that flight. And yes, I´m using ASCA for weather engine and REX for clouds texture.
  7. Okey, I reinstall all the buses. Did a try flight today and it only happens when entering a big zone of clouds... maybe reducing even more ASCA and Rex settings will solve the problem?
  8. Ok, I will do that an tell you if the problem is gone or not. Thank you.
  9. I installed it two days ago due to a fresh reinstalling of P3D.... Will uninstall again the buses... By the way, do you recommend install all buses an reboot pc or reboot it after each one is installed?
  10. I mean the older versions of the buses (Professional). I´m using now the latest build.
  11. I have constant frame rates, no lags or stutters. And my settings are low-mid always.... This never happened with the older versions.
  12. Just take off and the elevator start shaking up and down, causes overspeed or stall. The same during cruise and landing phases, and it get even worse if I go to google and leave P3D in the background. All models are affected, from 318 to 330. In the flight shown in the graphic below, the cruise altitude was set to FL360 and, for no reason, in the middle of the cruise the aircraft decides to climb up to FL380.
  13. C:\Users\Sergio Hernández\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX EFB\A330 That´s my route
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