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  1. Yes thank you so much it was in my start menu which I rarely use as I have shortcuts for my programs. When I clicked on the icon it ran some kind of instal process for 5 minutes and then opened FS2020 with a 17mb update, No sign of the Mandatory update which I assume did instal. I also had a new notification from Windows that FS2020 had been installed! So thanks again Kind regards Brian Gordon
  2. I installed FS 2020 using the DVD set and it went OK, Yesterday I was told there was a Mandatory Update so I elected to instal this and a Microsoft screen opened with a progress ribbon but saying it was paused. No option to unpause it. I waited and nothing happened so I thought I would quit & try again. I then had 2 options 1 return to the instal screen or 2 uninstal FS2020! Obviously I went with 1 but still nothing happened so out of desperation I saw a tab which said Update. Bad move as although I had no alternative I presume it was uninstalled because the taskbar icon for FS2020 dissa
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