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  1. Ok this is my try. Difficult for the pilot to keep concentrated into the instruments....
  2. Hi Joshua. Thank you for the work you are doing to make this plane better. I've tryed to apply the last patch (alpha1c) It find the right path to the filel panel.cfg but cannot see it. The patcher-patch alpha1a can find the panel.cfg and work through. Have you an idea? Sean Edit: I've found out that the path suggested by the patcher was wrong. Instead of E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus X A320 CFM\Panel\AB_Systems was E:\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus X A320 IAE\Panel
  3. Any news, updates, progress ?????
  4. I'ld add that in those picture no traffic is visible and the no one picture has been taken from a VC of an aircraft like the PMDG 737. I'ld like to see how then your fps are.
  5. try this: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/46910-my-alternative-to-aerosoft-fbw-v08f2/page__st__80
  6. Try this alternative xlm http://forum.aerosof...post__p__314494 This guy deserve to be payd.
  7. What? I'm the only with this problem? I cannot belive it.
  8. Has one managed to set "CONF 3" or "CONF 2" into the APPR Page on the MCDU? I get only "CONF0*" of "FULL" I've version 1.22 installed.
  9. Here is mine: For days, during the Christmas period, a child left his house going to see a beautiful bike in a shop window. Because his family was very very poor he decided to send a letter to Santa Claus: "Dear Santa Claus I really like A BIKE. Can you buy it for me? PS: If it is to heavy, don't worry, just send me 200 euro and I'll buy it by my self." The letter arrived at the post office where curious consultants, after reading it, decided to collect the money. Someone 10 €, someone else 5€, the chief 20€ ... and so on, and they managed to get 190 euro together. The child who was looking forward to the letter got the envelope. He opens slowly the envelope and see the 190 € inside. He decides to send a response to Santa to thank him, before going to buy the bike and wrote: "Dear Santa Claus, THANK YOU FOR YOUR THOUGHTS, BUT THE NEXT TIME PLEASE SEND ME A CHECK BECAUSE THOSE ASSHOLES AT THE POST OFFICE STOLED ME 10 EURO!"
  10. Fix the multiplayer cockpit sharing bug too. For an add-on that from the begin on was developed to be between a standad FSX plane and a PMDG add-on, it must be able to do at least what the default FSX airbus is able to do!
  11. SOLVED After many hours of searching, reading, installing etc. etc. I've found the culprit for the CTD: IVAP After uninstalling them FSX and Airbus X Connect worked again as expected.
  12. Thanks for your answer Choobe. I know that Airbus X Connect doesn't work without C++ redistributables, but if I install it FSX crash before I can choose a plane. I've already un-installed all C++ and reinstalled again from the link suggested above: FSX crash I've un-installed all C++ and and the Airbus X and reinstalled the C++ that come with the Airbus x: FSX crash I've un-installed all C++ and reinstalled but only they suggested from Windows Update: FSX work, Airbus X Connect not. Reinstalling FSX is a no option for me.
  13. I take it easy, every time. Don't need to remember to me. Well, it took it me 1. min and 12 sec. to post here that the new update was released. Not need to work 24 hours a day todo that.
  14. Well it seems to be that we (aerosoft customer) have to inform our self about the release of new updates. Check your online account and download the update V1.22 Change log: -F12 error fixed -Fixed RAD/NAV freq/crs setting -Landing Light error (aka lightrider bug) fixed -Added Edelweiss -Added Swiss
  15. Thank for the update but it makes me wonder why no one of the aerosoft staff have announced it here in the forum.
  16. It seems to be that the Aerosoft has abandoned the support for the Airbus X as no one of the staff has replied since long time. I would also like to know the progress of a patch beyond 1.21?
  17. My problem is that when I un-install all C++ programs and install they again Airbus X Connect works but FSX crash before I can choose an airplane. Without C++ my FSX has no problem but Airbus X Connect doesn't work anymore. Please help.
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