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  1. I agree, is a bit hard to set, now. I tried to move with the joystick, but it doesn´t stop. Best. Miquel.
  2. Hi Mathijs, how is going the testing of the A320 update? Thanks. Miquel.
  3. Hi, I hear it too. Was wondering the same, but not annoying . Best. Miquel.
  4. That´s it. I have to actívate again; .not a great issue but with the A320 work 100%. Regards. Miquel.
  5. Hi , Rolf. I have done it, as with the A320 series, which work perfectly. Best. Miquel.
  6. Sorry Rolf, my mstake...the take-off state is never saved . Thanks. Miquel.
  7. Hi Rolf. This issue , in my case, happens when the view system is off. Best. Miquel.
  8. Hi Dave, this weekend i´ll make a clean installation of Windows+P3D+A330 ony. The full installer is still the same? Best. Miquel.
  9. Thanks , Rolf. The state is active (green). When i select it again, works. The problema i s that the satate is not saved. I ´ll do it this afternoon. Regards. Miquel.
  10. Hi, when i set the Take- off State as pre-defined, it doesn´t work. Best. Miquel.
  11. Hi Mathijs, my setup is not top notch these days , but work perfectly. Intel Core i7 6700K ( not overclocked , only XMP) 32 GB DDR4 NVIDIA GTX1070. P3D 4XSSAA and 8X anisotropic No need to change ...until MSFS 2020. Best. Miquel.
  12. This pic is from yesterday...amazing performance. Best. Miquel.
  13. Yes, performance is really good, equal or better than the A320, which was fantastic. Best. Miquel.
  14. Fantastic aircraft….You have done it ,team. My favourite for years...the old PMDG 777 has lost the Crown. Congrats. Miquel.
  15. Hi, strange issue. Working fine here. But that stuff of Redist libraries and/or Direct X can be problematic. I am sure Aerosoft will sort this out. BTW the performance with this plane is amazing…. Best. Miquel.
  16. Everything smooth here and final charge in my cc is 52 euros . Best. Miquel
  17. Hi Dave, does it mean that we'll have another update (experimental or not? before the A330? This issue , also happens to me and the t/d diving at the beginnig. Thanks. Miquel.
  18. Speed and climb, are normal? Same specs with CFM is more powerful, from the take off roll to speed and climb rate. But if this is normal, sorry for the confusión. All the other models are similar at take-off. Only the A320 IAE has this behaviour. I took a pic with same conditions aprox with CFM Best. Miquel.
  19. Hi, in my case , it´s even worst than 1.2.50 with the A320 IAE at take-off. Best. Miquel.
  20. Hi Mathijs, any hope for the wekend? I love the bus, the only important issue to me is the underpowered take-off with the A320 IAE. Best. Miquel.
  21. HI, Will the experimental update be avalaible this week? Thanks. Miquel.
  22. La Habana (MUHA), now. Test it. Miquel.
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