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  1. Me again ;-) Just to tell that I have restored an "XML Image" that I have, install the SDK before install Mytraffic et done what the procedure say and now it's working. I don't know what was the problem but as now it's working, I'm happy :-) Best regards DdD
  2. Re-Hello, Just to give details of what I'have done: Install the SDK for FSX ACC. Replace the TrafficDatabaseBuilder.exe with the one on the SDK. Active the Traffictoolbox with the dll.xml (I have the traffictools) on FSX. Give all access on the exe (just to be sure). Install the "update" found in the Support section of aerosoft. Launch the "mytraffic.exe" File/open the default Database Create/ Create all files and traffic select a compagny to test (here Swiss), click "for this airlines only". Waiting that the CMD windows closing. Launch FSX. The scenery library is updating launch a flight on LSGG Go to Tools/Traffic Toolbox/Explorer (it is in french I don't know if the terminology is the same in english) and I see only one flight logged (the only one I left from default AI traffic). An Idea?
  3. Hello, I have installed MyTraffic 2010 yesterday and since, I'm trying to make it work without success. I have the tool "Traffic toolbar" with the SDK but when I read the "index_X.htm", it's write the look to "shorter installation manual" (install.html) but it's not here. I don't have this file. I'have passed some hours to create the myt file, but I still doesn't have AItraffic on FSX. COuld you please help me? I' have FSX, acceleration on W7. Thanks in advance
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