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  1. It's a bug but if you manually set the pitch trim before the checklist call, then it won't hang anymore.Insert other media
  2. Hi, when I switch off the APU on the A319 the sound lasts few seconds then suddenly drops. I checked the relative sample which is much longer with fade out till complete silence. How can I edit AB_Systems/sound.xml to have the full sample playing? Now I have these settings <!-- Shutdown --> (L:ASC_APU_timer, number) 840 >= (L:AB_OVH_APU_MASTER, number) 0 == && (L:ASC_APUOff_played, bool) 0 == && if{ 1 (> L:ASC_APUOff_played, bool) } (L:ASC_APUOff_played, bool) 1 == (L:ASC_APU_timer2, number) 190 < && if{ 1 (> L:ASC_APU_Shut, number) -750 (> L:ASC_APU_Shut_VOL) 3 (> L:ASC_APU, number) (L:ASC_APU_timer2, number) 1 + (> L:ASC_APU_timer2, number) } (L:ASC_APU_timer2, number) 190 >= if{ 3 (> L:ASC_APU_Shut, number) 0 (> L:ASC_APUOff_played, bool) 0 (> L:ASC_APUOn_played, bool) 0 (> L:ASC_APU_timer, number) 0 (> L:ASC_APU_timer2, number) } Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, on 24/08/2018 I purchased the Airbus A318/A319 addon from Steam and checking the A/C Status I realized it came with an old nav database 15OCT11NOV/15. Since I could not use any recent flightplan due to too many missing waypoints and airways, I decided to provide myself with the NavDataPro - One year subscription. I installed it and download the latest airac db in steam/steamapps/common/FSX/DLC/500201/Aerosoft/Airbus_Fallback/NavDataPro (it is also present in steam/steamapps/common/FSX/Aerosoft/Airbus_Fallback/NavDataPro) . I restarted Steam and FSX but the airac version is still 1511. What should I do?
  4. Never mind, I uninstalled and reinstalled STEAM and now it's working. Took me the whole day but at least I can hear the checklists now.
  5. Hi, all my checklists are silent, I can hear buttons and flipped pages sounds but nothing from the pilots. All samples are there where they should be, so I have no idea what could be the problem. I' ve already uninstalled Airbus and FSX, reinstalled both without other addons, but nothing changed. Every other sound from FSX and Airbus is working but pilot voices. I'm using WIN 7 Pro, FSX SE, Airbus A318/A319. Any hint?
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