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  1. Thanks Mathijs Just to make a correction on what I said above, I did NOT use the COMPUTER method. All my holding patterns used user-defined parameters. Anyway, the entries were far different from what is shwon in the Thales user manual for the FM system (see images attached - I found the document on smartcockpit.com) Cheers G.
  2. UTL had a gift for me today, a private air show.... Or maybe it's Santa Klaus working hard to deliver all the gifts around ...
  3. Hello everyone I was practicing on holding patterns today and I came up with a surprising experience. I only practiced on COMPUTED holdings. From what I experienced, the Bus is always using DIRECT entry in the holding pattern. As an example, I was flying HDG 055 to TABIL where I set a holding 280R. I was expecting a parallel entry but the Bus decided to go direct and turned left at TABIL (see pictures). Is that possible to have offset/parallel entries ? Thanks, have a good day
  4. Version 0.9.0


    My first livery ever interCaribbean VG-THG for aerosoft Twin Otter Extended 300 pax. Feel free to comment and make suggestions. Manual install (easy) Enjoy !
  5. Hello everyone I dediced to become an artist ! This would be my first livery ever. I'm in teh process of fine tuning some elements. No pretention to be the exact reproduction of the real aircraft, but to give a good look and feel. What do you think ? Feel free to comment and make suggestions. Greg
  6. Hello Does anyone know about an Intercaribbean livery (existing or in the making) for the Twin Otter ? Thanks
  7. Dave I feel stupid. I have found the culprit. Nothing to do with LIRF, dawn or dusk or whatever. It is a freeware scenery covering all Italian islands that I found on AVSIM and taht I installed. It's compiled for FS2004. Not the best match with P3D. It is working perfectly fine now. Sory for teh disturbance. I think you can delete the whole thread. Greg & Thanks btw
  8. Hi Dave Thanks for your quick reply. My specs are as follows : Win10 Pro, i7 7900K, 16 Go, nVdia GeForce 1660. Computer is brand new. No tweaks, no overclocking. I use UTL v1.2 , and Orbx global+vector+LC as well. ChasePlane is running. nVidia drivers have been updated as per your request. I only experience this at Rome airport, and from what I saw only at dusk/dawn/night. I will check whether I still have this problem going forward. Amendments that have been made to LIRF v1.04: - changed the AFCAD for an AFCAD available in teh forum here - downloaded and installed the Cartayna files for GSX2 for LIRF Thanks Greg
  9. Hello everyone I experience CTDs when flying around / landing at Rome Mega Airport, mostly at dusk/night (less so during the day, but I can't exclude it would also happen). The Event Viewer shows as follows. Any guess ? I don't remember of any issue with P3D v4.4. Thanks - System - Provider [ Name] Application Error - EventID 1000 [ Qualifiers] 0 Level 2 Task 100 Keywords 0x80000000000000 - TimeCreated [ SystemTime] 2019-06-28T21:43:29.420653000Z EventRecordID 3150 Channel Application Computer PREPAR3D Security - EventData Prepar3D.exe 5cd47aad KERNELBASE.dll 10.0.18362.145 ef881ca4 c0020001 000000000003a839 328 01d52dea7fa4be6f C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe C:\Windows\System32\KERNELBASE.dllD v4.4. bd2507bb-bd9b-4b40-bdd0-90d2c97b42b1
  10. Thanks Mathijs. I must be confusing with another aircraft then. Have a nice day
  11. Hello everyone Do yu have any sound when you use the brakes (or, to be precise, a brake sound when taxiing speed is nearing zero) ? I think there used to have a sound but I can't hear it anymore. Thanks
  12. Hello Bob Thanks for your reply. I have 1.05a, yes, and I did already apply the fixes (did it again with the file you indicated, just to be sure - btw, your file is misleading as it is named 1.02, and you only see it's for 1.05a when you read the readme.txt. Well, unfortunately, no change. Regarding the rotating PAPIs, the faulting file is LPMA_RWY-PAPI.bgl. I wanted to take a look deeper, so I decompiled that. Gosh, it's coded with SCASM !! Who is still using that code ? It's 15 years outdated ! Anyway, after very careful analysys, I came to the conclusion (and I solved the rotating PAPIs issue) that, for whatever reason (maybe because you are asking P3D v4 to read FS98), any time you rotate the reference (meaning giving an angle vs North) (by way of the Transform_Mat instruction), the first object placed with that angle will be moving. Couldn't believe it ! So the way I got it OK was to create a very small object (invisible) for the same angle as the PAPIs. This small object is certainly rotating somewhere, but I can't see it ! I can provide the coding lines if you need. Regarding the disappearing runway, the faulting file is LPMA_OBJ-Ground.bgl. I suspect that the platform in the north of the runway is not perfectly aligned with the ground at the apron level. So the runway disappear above the platform. To prove that, I created a LPMA_OBJ-Ground-elevated bgl (at 10 cm above ground) and now I can see the runway everywhere. Well, the outcome is pretty ugly to be honest as the runway object is partilly transparent so you can see the other one below. I'm not happy with his workaround. Wanna pass this on to the developpers and see what they could do ? Many thanks
  13. Good morning again In addition to my previous post, please note that I already applied the two latest available fixes (the one for the meshes and the one for the objects). Thanks
  14. Hello everyone Just spent a few hours flying around Madeira. I have Madeira Evolution X on P3D v4.4 + OrbX Global Base+Vector+LC on Windows 10. PC is i7 3Ghz with 16 Go memory. No specifc mesh + I followed all the instructions on the Meash specific thread. Indeed, no mesh issue visually. Mesh is set at 1m, scenery at Dense. I still have two problems though : 1/ runway is disappearing when taxig on the runway to take off from runway 23 (so basically when you are above the platform) > conflict between LPMA_OBJ-Ground.bgl and LPMA_OBJ-Hidden.bgl ? (please note that the runway also disappear when flying over, but more randomly) 2/ very "funny" behaviour with PAPI on both side (05 and 23), but only when heading 23 or so : PAPI lights are moving (more precisely, they are rotating !!) - See attached pictures with a close eye If you guys have any ide to solve those two points, you would make my day. Thanks
  15. Hello everyone I bought the scenery yesterday, just started to try it and I get very random peaks/shards (I don't know how to call that) appearing most of the time in random locations (see picture). You cannot collide with them you pass through.... I'm running P3D v4.4 with Orbx Global and Orbx Vector and Europe LC. I was flying Aerosoft CRJ 700. AI Traffic is UTL. I have ChasePlane as well but don't see why it would interfere. My PC is a Core i7 7700T, GeForce 960, 16 Gb RAM, Windows 10. Thanks
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