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  1. Hello everyone Is there any valid reason why under certain circumstances, I can't create a custom waypoint and insert it in a STAR/ILS procedure ? Just to be more practical : I'm flying from GCFV to GCXO. Departing runway 01 SID LARY5Q. STAR is LARY1L for ILS30Z. I can't insert a TFN120/12 between TFN and ITF13.... But I can insert any other waypoint like NERVO for example... On the same matter, I can't insert a custom waypoint after a hold if both use same fix. For example, in the same region of Canarias, I can't insert a TFN120/12 after a hold at TFN. But I can first insert a TFN120/12 after TFN and then create the holding pattern .... Weird.... To me, custom waypoints are not perfectly managed, or maybe at least if the fix is a navaid with duplicates (I understand that there is another TFN VOR somewhere in the world, which might cause trouble). What do you think ? Thanks
  2. Printer seems to be working now ... Let's see if this behaviour is consistent in time... From what I have observed, I would say that the problem was taht the Updater allowed upgrade from directly to Now that I have installed from a complete new install package, things are pretty correct. Teh only point is that the Updater does not propose me to upgrade to anymore ???? Regarding the A/T & A/P, could that be that the EFB adds another workload on CPU and so the calculations for A/P and A/T are more erratic ? I really believe EFB should be optional. Thanks
  3. OK so last install packages I had downloaded from SimMarket were v1.3.0.0. From that point, the updater allowed me to upgrade to I decided to uninstall everything, and I went back to SimMarket in serach for the latest install packages. I got a v1.3.0.3. I can confirm I now have the EFB on board, but I'm still missing the printer. On another matter, the A/P & A/T are very violent in this version ... Thanks
  4. I don't see any reference to EFB in panel.cfg... PLus, I don't have any paper coming out of the printer
  5. Guys, the initial project by the developper HAD runway and appron ligths, in the form of SODE object injected in the sim at night through Simconnect. You just have to move these objects in the programdata/12bpilot/sode folder.... The solution with dynamic light is elegant as well.... Mathijs, instead of packaging a full installer again, you may propose a short workaround .... happy to help ... I have time those days ...
  6. Hello Still completely black here aftre a complete uninstall/reinstall ! Aerosoft, can you help please ? Don't see a real modeling problem, as the model is just one mdl file so you would miss th whole VC! It's more a texture / gauge problem....
  7. This has been reported and disucssed in the "SODE issues" thread but not with a complete detailed approach (information in different parts of the VERY long thread) and it was missing the clients point.
  8. Hello all ! Missing your night ligths at HTKJ Kilimanjaro ? The solution is SO easy. Nothing to do with a "P3D glitch" or whatsoever. For whatever reason, the installer installs simobjects required by SODE to inject the lights at night in the wrong folder, actually in your sim root under ../Simobjects/Misc/HTKJ. SODE, since version 1.3 (December 2015 !), uses its own simobjects folder under PorgramData/12bpilot/SODE/SimObjects. Just move the HTKJ folder in that folder. Last modification : you have to amend the HTKJ_L.xml file in ProgramData/12bpilot/SODE/xml. The first SimObject has to read exactly like this : <SimObject Name="HTKJ_EDP"> <Placement Lat="-3.418987" Lon="37.0767355" Alt="310" Hdg="0.0"/> <Model SimTitle="12bPilot_SODE_Environmental_Data_Probe"> <EnvironmentalDataProbe ClientList="HTKJ_L;HTKJ_Spl;HTKJ_SplN"/> </Model> </SimObject> The model sim title as set by the installer is wrong, and they forgot one client in the client list! Aerosoft, please amend your installer ! You may have similar problems in other products (ENBR Bergen, ENGM Oslo....) Enjoy ! @Quint van den Hazel @mopperle
  9. Thanks Mathijs Just to make a correction on what I said above, I did NOT use the COMPUTER method. All my holding patterns used user-defined parameters. Anyway, the entries were far different from what is shwon in the Thales user manual for the FM system (see images attached - I found the document on smartcockpit.com) Cheers G.
  10. UTL had a gift for me today, a private air show.... Or maybe it's Santa Klaus working hard to deliver all the gifts around ...
  11. Hello everyone I was practicing on holding patterns today and I came up with a surprising experience. I only practiced on COMPUTED holdings. From what I experienced, the Bus is always using DIRECT entry in the holding pattern. As an example, I was flying HDG 055 to TABIL where I set a holding 280R. I was expecting a parallel entry but the Bus decided to go direct and turned left at TABIL (see pictures). Is that possible to have offset/parallel entries ? Thanks, have a good day
  12. Version 0.9.0


    My first livery ever interCaribbean VG-THG for aerosoft Twin Otter Extended 300 pax. Feel free to comment and make suggestions. Manual install (easy) Enjoy !
  13. Hello everyone I dediced to become an artist ! This would be my first livery ever. I'm in teh process of fine tuning some elements. No pretention to be the exact reproduction of the real aircraft, but to give a good look and feel. What do you think ? Feel free to comment and make suggestions. Greg
  14. Hello Does anyone know about an Intercaribbean livery (existing or in the making) for the Twin Otter ? Thanks
  15. Dave I feel stupid. I have found the culprit. Nothing to do with LIRF, dawn or dusk or whatever. It is a freeware scenery covering all Italian islands that I found on AVSIM and taht I installed. It's compiled for FS2004. Not the best match with P3D. It is working perfectly fine now. Sory for teh disturbance. I think you can delete the whole thread. Greg & Thanks btw
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