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  1. Winair: this one already exists TMA: just posted it today
  2. Version 0.8.0


    Hi there! The long-awaited new livery for Trans Maldivian Airways, the largest seaplane operator in the world (no less than 55 Twin Otters!) For aerosoft Twin Otter Extended 300 float. Feel free to comment and make suggestions - this is a work in progress so I will amend the files after your review. Manual install (easy) Enjoy !
  3. Hi Dave, Hi Otto, Indeed you were right, Dave, I'm in good hands with Otto. You both pointed to nav data and since it was the easiest part to investigate, I did try this first. Therefore I reverted back to an old version of the nav data for the bus and so far I haven't encountered the CTD again at that specific location 3 nm to AGGLA waypoint... So maybe it was just a corrupted/damaged/wrongly coded nav data set. For the record, and to answer your questions : - my computer specs: i7-9700k, 16 Go RAM, GTX 1660 (so pretty poweful) - no recent change
  4. Hi Otto I would tend to buy your explanation but one question remains : why only with the bus and why only at that specific position ? To be more explicit : I never had any issue so far with the bus, no crash, no freeze, nothing..... What "function" could possibly be called 3 nm from AGGLA ? Thanks
  5. Hello I was flying from KBUR to KPHX with an A320 IAE Pro bus, descending the HYDRR1 STAR to land on 25L. Approximately 3 nm before AGGLA (12.000 ft alt), P3D crashed. I tried another time after a clean restart of my computer and the same thing happened. I tried to fly the same route with different aircrafts (prop and jets) and I did not encounter any issue. I have KPHX from FB. Not saying the bus is the cause but it only happens with the bus. How can I investigate further ? I'm running v1.3.1 on P3D v4.5.13.32097 Thanks PS : w
  6. Hello everyone Is that normal that the EFB in a A318 bus displays A330 data and docs (notably in the EFF - "Takeoff Data for A330" under "Calculations" - and in docs) ? I noticed that the installer creates only a A330 folder under Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX EFB\. Weird .... Does that mean that the flows and checklists are the same for all the buses ? Thanks
  7. Mathijs I contacted Marcin and he answered me very quickly (this guy is awesome!) that indeed the two products are not compatible with one another. That's not a big big deal but it should be documented somehow somewhere imho. Indeed, when you look at the files installed by Carenado SVS and AS buses in P3Droot\WebSimBrowser\2.1 they are pretty different (see file size for WebSimBrowser.* WebSimProcess.exe WebSimXML.dll...) To be followed.... carenado.txt as.txt
  8. Hello Aerosoft Are you aware that the EFB is incompatible with Carenado SVS for G1000 ? Both use the same WebSimConnect module and when I install the Aerosoft buses, SVS becomes unusable in any Carenado plane with G1000 (shows the fatal TERR ERR on PFD). I would love to hear from you on that Thanks
  9. Hello everyone Is there any valid reason why under certain circumstances, I can't create a custom waypoint and insert it in a STAR/ILS procedure ? Just to be more practical : I'm flying from GCFV to GCXO. Departing runway 01 SID LARY5Q. STAR is LARY1L for ILS30Z. I can't insert a TFN120/12 between TFN and ITF13.... But I can insert any other waypoint like NERVO for example... On the same matter, I can't insert a custom waypoint after a hold if both use same fix. For example, in the same region of Canarias, I can't insert a TFN120/12 after a hold at TFN. But
  10. Printer seems to be working now ... Let's see if this behaviour is consistent in time... From what I have observed, I would say that the problem was taht the Updater allowed upgrade from directly to Now that I have installed from a complete new install package, things are pretty correct. Teh only point is that the Updater does not propose me to upgrade to anymore ???? Regarding the A/T & A/P, could that be that the EFB adds another workload on CPU and so the calculations for A/P and A/T are more erratic ? I really believe
  11. OK so last install packages I had downloaded from SimMarket were v1.3.0.0. From that point, the updater allowed me to upgrade to I decided to uninstall everything, and I went back to SimMarket in serach for the latest install packages. I got a v1.3.0.3. I can confirm I now have the EFB on board, but I'm still missing the printer. On another matter, the A/P & A/T are very violent in this version ... Thanks
  12. I don't see any reference to EFB in panel.cfg... PLus, I don't have any paper coming out of the printer
  13. Guys, the initial project by the developper HAD runway and appron ligths, in the form of SODE object injected in the sim at night through Simconnect. You just have to move these objects in the programdata/12bpilot/sode folder.... The solution with dynamic light is elegant as well.... Mathijs, instead of packaging a full installer again, you may propose a short workaround .... happy to help ... I have time those days ...
  14. Hello Still completely black here aftre a complete uninstall/reinstall ! Aerosoft, can you help please ? Don't see a real modeling problem, as the model is just one mdl file so you would miss th whole VC! It's more a texture / gauge problem....
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