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  1. Thanks for testing out the installers, Dave. Looks like it's an issue that has something to do with my system rather than the installers -- wouldn't be surprised if it's a Windows 10 issue specifically. As nice as it would be to get to the bottom of it, all aircraft function as they should and performance is good, so nothing is preventing me from actually using the product.
  2. The bus works fine, it's just the installation that was behaving strangely. I'm on 4.5 with the latest hotfix.
  3. I believe simmarket only hosts the files. Outside of developers who use the simmarket installer, I don't think they really modify the files in any way. Probably some configuration that han_solo2001 and myself have in common. I've just never seen an installer launch P3D before, including previous versions of the Airbus.
  4. Anyone know what might be causing this? I just downloaded the latest versions from Simmarket today and each installer (A318/19,A320/21,A330) runs through the install procedure but hangs. During this time P3D gets launched. Once I kill the P3D process, the AS installer completes. Everything seems to installed, but the addon.xml does not make it into the library -- so the aircraft will not show up in the sim. I'm installing as admin and have my AV turned off. Just to update: I can add the xml files manually and all aircraft appear in the sim and load up just fine. Still,
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