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  1. I looked everywhere and I cannot find if there is going to be a demo for this game or not. It could come later such as end of March or April or something but i'm curious if there is going to be one. I kinda like simulation games but definitely want to try a demo before I buy the actual product. Thanks Another demo I'm looking forward to is the "rail simulator"
  2. LOL ok perhaps I figured it out. I started playing the campaigns and upon reaching #3 at the end; I saw some passengers to be picked up; they had life in them. Though as i drove there was still some people that werent walking etc. So basically there are some that will walk and there are some that will just stand in one spot???
  3. Okay so I just bought the game today. Installed it. Launched game. Click "New Game" and chose "Free Ride" Selected the default options and click ok Upon entering the game, I saw the bus right in front of me, I can move around, when I turn a 180 degrees I saw a ton of pedestrians; people, however they are not moving. I entered the bus, went down some streets and such; saw the traffic moving yet every single pedestrian isnt walking, moving nothing. Forgive me but did I not select something to make the time go? Kinda like playing the SIMS that I'm kinda in "Pause Mode" to get aquainted, but once I hit the "Resume" button that the environment around me comes to life. Theres a lot of options that I didnt assign a hotkey to but I didnt see anything out of the ordinary to "make the civilains/pedestrians come to life" Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. Hello; I'm new here. I downloaded the English version demo of "City Bus Simulator 2010" and was very impressed. It took me a lot of tries to perfect the demo lol Anyways I heard that this game "CityBus Simulator 2010" was available for download in English???? May I have the link please cause I'm not finding it anywhere. I see theres an upcoming flight simulator as well; AFS2012 but obviously that isnt released yet. Is there a more current released flight sim that you guys did as well? Usually I'm a huge gamer and for some odd reason I dont recollect the name "Aersoft" but maybe I have?? I think I also saw a Train sim too?? LOL sorry; again you enticed me with City Bus, I look forward to trying out your other sims as well PS let me clarify; the link to download the CityBus Simulator is drawing off of EUR and not US dollars is the reason why I ask for the link. Thanks
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