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  1. Ok, thanks i will have a look around to try and find a good joystick.
  2. Hi, i know this has already being brought up but since i don't own (or want to purchase) a joystick, will there be a fix to allow us to control the throttle using f1,2,3,4? Thanks
  3. i think only people at bus stops move apart from that everyone is still
  4. Try turning off UAC ( User account control ) How to get to it Control panel --> User accounts & family safety ---> User accounts-->> Change user account control settings
  5. Hiya, not sure what its called, but that thing where u pick what the title on top of the bus like "not in service", " circleline" ect... how can i add things to this ? like my name and things Hope this is a good enough description Thanks
  6. Yes i had this problem two, i just redownloaded the 1.3 update installed and it worked, but i can only start at circleline stop for it to work Hope this helps
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