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  1. Great shots from stunning scenery, at that legend hangar they have some real old aircraft stuff parked in there :-)



    Yep, like a DC2;).

    I wonder if that blue car in front of the T2 hanger can be moved a bit, so it's not in the way of parking and aircraft in front of the hangar.

    Cheers, Rob

  2. Yep.. but the parking in front of the old Schiphol terminal is for us and the Catalina.

    That's fair, we will park in front of the T2 hangar :D (can we move the blue car from that spot?) It would be great if we could park in the hanger, and use it as the resting place for the DC2 as it really is.

    But back to the question, will it be available then. I just had a look at NickC's screenshoits, and I just love this little scenery.

    So, when??????????????

    Cheers, Rob.

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