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  1. Hi Eric, Yes I have those repaints including ones added today. Thanks. There are some particularly great ones there that I use as my standard Twin Otter ac.
  2. Mopperle and araig, Thanks, particularly for the new paints added today. I have had only limited luck finding aything from the avsim site for the repaints. There were a couple of older ones but I couldn't find ones that you had done araig. Maybe it is just my search technique. Anyway, thanks for the information that you have given me.
  3. Okay, make me really, really eager for 2012 developments. The Beaver X and Twin Otter were the first two AC purchases that I made when starting with flight simming. They remain the two birds that I spend 90% of my time flying. As they are DHC planes would you please consider including Canadian paint schemes as part of the base packages. As I was running low on discretionary funds I failed to take advantage of the Bronco X on sale. I do regret that now, particulalry as it would have given me a taste of things to come. Humm, I need to rectify that! Rick
  4. This is one of my most used AC in FSX. Primarily the amphibian model but I do fly all of the models. Being from Canada I am eager to get an ampibian model (but would also look for the other models as well) in a Canadian paint. When I was young and in the Army we had a couple of them in the RCAF that would fly in support of our training. This would be great but any Canadian paint scheme would be wonderful. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance. Rick
  5. Thanks Aerosoft! Very thoughtfull and genreous. May your 2012 be an even better year for Aerosoft, each member of the staff and families and the same for all members of the forum. Rick
  6. I beleive that there are a great many people who follow the forum without posting, but who would take the time to complete this poll and thus help you build a better understanding of the "avaerage" client data base that you are looking for. Call it the forum "silent majority" perhaps. I am curious about how you approach getting the hardware information as you mentioned above.
  7. Shaun, Simon, Thanks for the information. I had considered language issues and regional distribution centres, but had not given a great deal of thought to other legal and tax related aspects. As an act of discovery I had gone to each site and where appropriate, clicked on the "flags" on the banner or masthead area that I anticipated would only change the language designations just to see if there were other new sites. It just caught my interest. Alles Klar. Danke.
  8. Shaun, Thanks for your reply and particularly the direct link. It has highlighted to me that I am a little behind in maintaining my links as I have been using the following two almost daily to keep up on Aerosoft: a. forum link http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php b. store link http://www.aerosoft.com/cgi-local/us/iboshop.cgi?show270 Your direct link gave me a third link,that to the Aerosoft online shop. Are there more? I am still a little curious as to the why of the two commercial links that seem so different, the .com and (http://en.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=home&shopfilter_category=Flight+Simulation).
  9. Hi, I remember that there was a note from Shawn telling of the discounts but I can't find it now. I have tried a subject search. Help please.
  10. Thank you Snave. I have only recently become involved with FS as a hobby but have also then a desire to learn more about this hobby. I have a modest awareness of technical issues in modeling and simulation from a training background and have no programming background. I see that to become more aware and familiar with the issues I will need to review the topic on Aerosoft Flight Simulator 2012 thoroughly to know what is being identified there as a start point. I do not want to become a practicing technologist, rather I want to understand issues and points of view so that I can follow discussions with some knowledge sufficient to let me see the reason and rationale behind statements and points of view. Any suggestions that you can pass on as to other appropriate sources of gaining the knowledge at the level I am seeking would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Am I correct in saying then that the FS community, probably more appropriately the MSFS based community, faces a double edged move forward in the mid term. First, only slow and evolutionary advances in performance that are restricted by the MSFS code. This will at least allow for the continued use of legacy addons as well as the continued development of freeware and payware addons to keep refreshing the sim experience. When one considers how long and ardent the FS 9 advocats have continued to sing the praise of and keep alive that engine in the community, it is safe to say that a large group of FSX users will also exist somewhat appeased for many years as well. Second, it is only through the development of completely new flight simulation systems, such as the Aerosoft initiative, where revolutionary advances will be seen. In fact is that not the real benefit of this initiative? But new simulation engines and revolutionary advances bring with them the dilemma for most users that legacy addons will not be compatible and thus one must in effect start again to rebuild their hobby, for most a financial burden. For such a new system to be adopted by a majority of the community quickly, the enticements must be substantial. Backward compatibility is always an enticement. Barring this then an inexpensive and quickly produced "patch" for compatability would also work. Of course if the revolutionary advances are comparable to going from analog black and white TV to digital the incentive is undeniable. My question then is, what are the major inhibitors, technical and financial, in any potential new FS system to having backward compatibility ( or patchwork) with major FSX addons?
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