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  1. Just installed AS_CORFU X. There is some conflict of the scenery with another scenery/file I've installed previously, therefore I see that ground distortion. What might be such the file?
  2. I just purchased AS-Mytraffic 2010, downloaded and installed. First thing: NO ANY INSTALATION INSTRUCTIONS, OR ANY OTHER FILE FOR HELP. Actualy it is the first Aerosft product, that I purchased that does not include any instalation and use help file (pdf, or other). And believe me I've purchased the most of the Aerosft products, that came out the last two years. I play MFSX, acceleration pack (in Vista Ultimatte environment, if it is any relevant at all). I notice the existance of airplanes, at the aairports i now visit. But how can I control the number of them, or any other relative param
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