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  1. Ok Shaun, thanks for the try. After 15hs of download yesterday/today (with the 'biggest rate' of 25kbps) i finished the download and when i extract the zip file, not 'corrupt file' error, so i think it's ok. But for others users that will take the download version of the game, i suggest that you from Aerosoft could host the game files at international servers cause the download rate, here for Brazil, kills the user. Thanks for all the support about download the game.
  2. Yes Shaun, i see... So, have another official link near South America that i could download the game? Or rapidshare/megaupload links? Will be very good for me and for others international customers of Aerosoft. Because i fell that i bought only the serial, cause i can't download the game cause the slow speed. Thanks and if this another links for the game could do, will be so nice from Aerosoft.
  3. You can't change the game language. To play in engish, you have to download/buy the English version of the game.
  4. I bought today my downloadable version os City Bus Simulator 2010 - English, but the server it's so slow. I'm now making the download at 22kbps speed. My Connection it's 2mbps download rate. Same with download manager, the speed still slow. So please, increase the international broadband of the show to download it, cause i don't know if this will finish todar, or other day.
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