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  1. Would you mind sharing the file mate? Or profile I believe it's called for EZCA
  2. Nice paint! And finally a danish paint, lol! Real OY-TXM inf: http://www.pilots.dk...ort.asp?id=1695 or http://www.oy-reg.dk/register/5555.html and real photo of it:
  3. The beautiful BN-2 Islander returning back to Stark's Twin Oaks(7S3) due to weather conditions. Outside view of this beauty: And then the PAX view, they seemed pretty scared(This image is not for the competition)
  4. EmiloZ

    Airbus X A330 ?

    I fully agree, this would be lovely to see!
  5. Got some video and then a joke! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv29p_w--4w
  6. Virgin 747-400 on arrival to Heathrow after a long flight from Hong Kong
  7. Cool way u made the teaser!
  8. This rocket maybe? Not sure tho' Bumper V-2 The archievment was to reach the record of 400 kilometers in altitude. About 1.312.335 feet (pretty high) and research outer atomosphere. It were also testing new rocket technology. It launched from Cape Canaveral as the first rocket at 24th of July, 1950.
  9. I think it would be really fun to have an Airforce at Andras Field. We should just make some rules about the airforce's activity, so not F16 departures between xx and xx and so on! Also, for an in-flight refueling event, I'm on!
  10. EmiloZ


    FS9 is old. That's how this world is. Why keep developing software for old platforms when the developer can make something that looks twice as good and without having to keep down all the polygons? Aswell hardware gets newer, so people should stop complaining that their computer can't run FSX. Well yes it can, maybe not with the highest settings, but thats life!
  11. EmiloZ


    lol it aint released yet ^^
  12. Ja, das wäre wunderbar. Ich glaube nicht, dass es geschehen wird, aber es wäre schön!
  13. Sweet! But could you give the engines the more red color and also the white? Plus winglets are blue ! But nice work anyway
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